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Whistlestop 2

The Snape brothers

The brothers moved into Seagull Cottage, enlarged by a significant two-storey extension to the garage. It's now much larger with a large laboratory, and a small basement, is on a steep hill with a distant view of the sea.

From left to right: Sarcasmus, Jess and Hyprekia

Hyprekia, the youngest brother, an ambitious, dislikes children, mean spirited, no sense of humour, workaholic, dreamed of becoming a Master of Mysticism, that is, reaching the top of the Career Mystic.

Jess, the middle brother, a brooding, genius, grumpy, mean-spirited bookworm, dreamed of mastering Alchemy. He thought he would like some beehives in their garden. He is self-employed as an Alchemist.

Sarcasmus, eldest of the three, an ambitious, grumpy bookworm, genius, and hopeless romantic, dreamed of reaching the top of the Forensic branch of the Police career. And of getting married.

Hyprekia set off to join the Fortune Teller career, in spite of his brothers' sneers.

He didn't like the caravan much and demanded that a better place be built. "All in good time," the SimGoddess told him. "When you are Master of Mysticism, you shall have a more impressive place."

Having arranged to start work the next day, he charged off in a most determined way to the Festival Grounds just up the hill; no he was not making for the toilets, but for an eating contest.

And then he realised it was raining and there was no-one to compete with. Hyprekia is no genius.

Meanwhile, Jess spent the day with his bees, and practising his magic tricks, while Sarcasmus, not required at the Forensics Department today, worked on his Science research.

Valentine's Day Snape


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Hyprekia Snape was made by Hyprekia, and is on TSR here.

Jess Snape was made by Jesslla, and is on MATY here.

Sarcasmus Snape was made by apoetscorner on TSR here and modified by me.

Seagull Cottage - I think it was made by someone on The Sims Daily.