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Whistlestop 1

The Thorn family moved in from Las Palmas. The children inherited the wonderful Brise Tremblante, and lived there with their Simbot.

They thought the old house might be haunted.

Whistlestop is a town with some older parts and some modern builds. It has a tiny industrial port and a fishing dock, functional train transport throughout the area, a modern casino, shops and only one houseboat so far.

Daisy showed some signs of her late father's illness as a teen, but thankfully grew out of it. All three children completed school and were wondering about going to university.

Living nearby was the Carroll family (Ginevra and Dan, nee Vinchester). As well as Darren Dreamer and his little family.

"Why are you standing by my mailbox in your trunks, Darren?"

"It's MY mailbox, and YOU came here to question me. You said you were an Investigator."

"Oh, yes."

Absent-mindedness is not a good trait for an Investigator.

She wore a long blonde wig when "on the job". It was attached to her hat and came with the raincoat.

Whistlestop 2


TrainWorld, Le Monde du Gare aka Trainstation World by Picasso at the Sims Daily Forum here.

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Ginevra is the self-sim of Jenba