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Some of the town's famous and not-so-famous inhabitants.

Martha Brewster works at the town cemetery. She's a keen painter, with a vivid imagination!

A certain Mr Raymond Frump moved in, with high political ambitions.

His house looks spectacular from outside, but is very bare within. Next to the front door is "the Orangery" which shelters exotic trees from the chilly winter weather.

The beautiful Knot Garden. Here are Autumn, Hiemal and Autumn's sister Winter.

They went home to plant what they had harvested. It was hot, and Winter preferred to just sit in the sprinkler-spray.

Robert MacDougal, seen above, tried his hand at making Alchemy elixirs and when something backfired, was turned into a toad...

But the clerk felt sorry for him, saw that he was pretty fit.

"I know how to fix that," she grinned. "Come stay at my place for a while."

True to his gender, as soon as he got back to normal he was STARVING!

Rumours that Dolly Parton had moved into the area proved to be true.

She turned up to the Presleys' Gift-giving party.

That's Autumn's half-alien daughter Hiemal getting her present. She has her mother's hair, but otherwise looks more like her (father?).

Oona, making an entrance and making it clear that she is the senior celebrity here. That's Elvis, of course, and behind Oona is Glenda, Elvis's wife and a random child who looks as if she has escaped from the washing-up.

Amy, with her usual fashion taste. That's the Presleys' daughter, Guinevere, behind her.

In the winter, the town looks very pretty. Here are a couple of shots of the house occupied by the Foxes. The canals appear frozen but the Sims still get in and swim in them, so I've added extra bridges to the original buildings from NekoCat.


Martha Brewster comes from Mod the Sims 2 and is made by NekoCat, who also made this world.

The Knot Garden was made by Madame Mim on MATY and can be downloaded here.



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