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Zazazu Abubu

She was working as a "Yes-woman", not a very exciting job, and studying hard. Her trailer was small but comfortable for one.

The trailer folk decided that since they were not welcome in many parts of Twinbrook, they would make their own amusement, right in the middle of their patch. "If any Twinbrookians arrive now, they will be on OUR turf." 

While making drinks there one night, Zazazu met a friend, Buddy Bailey, looking nervous.

"Hello, there's a face we don't see around here very often. Is there a problem with the ballot?"

He looked uncomfortable. "Actually - I was looking for you. I heard you were involved in this thing..."

"Yes, I've been working the bar. A lot of my friends hang out here."

"Might that include me? I've heard - rather mixed things about this place."

She smiled. "If you like it here, then you are very welcome. Just take what the locals say with a pinch of salt. They can be a little - heavy handed. And - it gets a little rough on Saturday nights."

"Oh, it's cool. I can be crabby with the best of them."

After the Social closed for the night, they went back to her trailer. They talked all night, and the next day being a day off, spent most of it (and the following night) together. 

One evening, Zazazu decided she needed to know whether Buddy was already in a relationship. 

"No," he said. "There's no-one special - or there hasn't been until now."

Then they had some very busy weeks at work and had no time for dating. When Buddy next came to visit her, it was a Thursday evening. She had started wearing her hair loose.

Buddy wanted to talk politics. 

"Not here - come inside. There's something I want to tell you. That's McTypppi, my neighbour, and he has big ears."

"Now, my darling! That's a pretty dress - but have you put on a little weight? What did you want to talk about? Problems with the Social? or that McTypppi next door?"

How to explain?

"Buddy, when a mummy and a daddy love one another very much..."


Buddy was delighted and immediately asked her to marry him. Proof of his own virility works on Sims just as on humans.

They had a pretty wedding party at the community gardens.

And a good time was had by all. Specially Buddy.

"Oww! That smoked salmon didn't sit well at all!"

"That's not canapes! Your baby is coming!"

"You think so? Buddy doesn't seem bothered...oooOOOO."


Inge took her to hospital; there were no staff outside so she had to walk to the delivery ward.

Poor Inge was terrbly worried. "That baby is coming far too early."

Zazazu Two