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Zazazu 2

Zazazu had to stay in the hospital a long time, and by the time she and little Zuzu returned home, Buddy had got the house ready for them. "The doctors told me I cannot have any more children," she told Buddy. "But Zuzu is fine."

"And you are fine! That's all that matters, and we have a beautiful daughter. You are such a clever girl!"

She was actually pretty weak, and unable to go back to work.

In the night time, she was not able to sleep well, but Buddy would bring little Zuzu to her to snuggle on the bed. Poor Buddy took time off work and did most of the childcare and housework.

Dr Nick came to check on their progress. Happy with little Zuzu, he was less happy with Zazazu. She was terribly tired all the time and felt really run down.

"I think some more tests might shed light on the matter. I want you back in the hospital," he said. "For tonight, here's some medicine to help you sleep. Phone me in the morning and I will make sure there's a bed for you."

"Oh not again..." <yawn>.

The medicine worked, and Buddy took little Zuzu to sleep in the upstairs bedroom with him, so that Zazazu would have peace to rest properly.


AFTER the Twinbrook Disaster, Zazazu washed up eventually in Aurora Lights.