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Spock in Twinbrook

He started to make a few friends.


He reviewed a movie, found a club that had foosball tables, and became contented.

Started to write a scifi book and discovered what launderettes are for.

He had a series of articles published about some recent immigrants to Twinbrook. These were mostly MATY Sims. According to these articles, they were all "poor white trash" - none of them had any money, all with rock bottom jobs, and they lived in trailers close to the railway sidings. He also said many other derogatory things.

Looking in the mirror, as he seldom did, Spock realised he was getting old. His once blonde hair was now greying. He reassured himself that he had become a "pillar of the community", well known and liked by many - at least, he thought, by those who had been mentioned positively in his articles and reviews.

He decided it was time to reproduce. That meant actually seeking out female company, something he had rarely done in the past, never feeling the need... and he didn't know anyone who was single, apart from those he had dismissed as "trailer trash" in his articles. So he had to work rather hard to find a suitable partner.

He decided to bite the bullet - he had a few dates with Invisi Goth, and chatted up Jess von Camelid. Both were attractive, and had apparently not seen his articles - of course, he thought, they were trailer trash and wouldn't be likely to read an upmarket newspaper like The Twinbrook Herald - and HE really didn't care what he had written about them - to him it was just a job!

After a few dates, he asked Invisi Goth to marry him. At least she wasn't quite a chav - she worked at the local school. She would be suitably grateful for a better home, in return for a little light housework and providing him with an heir.

"So what exactly do you want from me?"

"Domesticity - I'm a slob, I need a wife to look after me, keep my clothes and house clean."

The obligatory wedding picture. Invisi's reasons for marrying Spock were mixed. Yes, he had a big house, MUCH nice than her little trailer, and no trains rattling past at all hours of the night! That in itself would be worth a lot. Sleep, blissful sleep. Plenty of money of course, he was well established in his career, and was a lot older than her and might pop off leaving it all to her.

On the downside, she knew EXACTLY what paper he worked for. She and a couple of the other "Trailer trash" had pinned up his articles on a dartboard in one of the trailers and used them for target practice. She puzzled over his apparent about-face for a while. But once married, at least she would get some alimony if they split up. She didn't think he looked as if he would be too demanding as a husband.

But first, the wedding.

However, she had been feeling queasy all the way through the wedding party, and she and Spock had to leave before their guests - rather hurriedly.

"Well, the next time I get married I will choose a venue with toilets." said Invisi, back at his house, after they had bathed.

"The next time?" asked Spock. She ran back into the bathroom to vomit again. "But I'm never doing this again," she said, wiping her mouth.

And so they were Mr and Mrs Block, with a wee Block on the way.

When he was born, they called him Lego.