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Inge Jones

For a long time Inge didn't get a job. When she finally did, it was in the Business career. She wasn't sure that was what she wanted to do, but it was better than nothing.

"Ohh these boots are so tight! Excuse me a moment while I loosen them."

She went to Fairlight's party and got on fine with him. Then he moved out of town.

Eventually, she moved her caravan to Twinbrook, where there was a little encampment near the old railway lines.

She helped out regularly at the Social trailer. She took a liking to Lang Gwydd, who told her he who worked as a Ghostbuster. But he suffered from terrible shyness.

After a while she got a job at the bookshop. She liked it there, it was quiet and she had time to think. She decided she needed to study, so booked herself into some courses - logic and handiness.

After one of her classes, she bumped into Lang Gwydd and they went off and had dinner together, and afterwards went dancing at the Red Barn. 

Kiki Assgrabbar hinted that there might be problems at the trailer park. "There have been too many fights there lately; Spock Block has been attacking the MATYzens again."

"I haven't read the paper since I was looking for a job. Thanks for the headsup, Kiki - good luck with the elections, by the way.!"

"I have to be so careful - in politics you are SOOO vulnerable. But hey, what can they do to me? The worst is I don't get in."

Inge privately thought that might not be the worst possible thing. She found the news about Hutton's tightening sanctions on what he called "illegal immigrants" worrying.

One warm summer day, she was exploring the mausoleum with Sinbad Rotter. "Thanks but I don't want your flowers."

"What I would like is to look around in the mausoleum. Want to join me?"


"There are Yetis in there. They are controlling our town from the deepest basement of the mausoleum!"

The thought of Yetis made Sinbad decide he had a pressing appointment somewhere else. 

In another part of Twinbrook, police were arresting Sims at the Trailer Park and Social Trailer. Inge had a phone call. The signal was poor in the mausoleum but she made out "don't go home... police... "

Dudley Racket, one of the policemen working on the trailer park clean-up, even went to look in the mausoleum for her, but found no trace.

She hid in there so long that her clothes and some of her hair had burned off. She headed for the gym to clean up.

She managed to beg some clothes and a headscarf from other Sims, bought a pair of glasses from the Lost Property and then ventured out.She looked completely different!

"Now I just need a place to stay."

She bumped into her old friend Lang Gwydd. "Would it be all right for me to stay with you, just until I get myself sorted out? I have - er - a problem with my trailer."

"Sure!" he was delighted to help, and to have an excuse to spend some time with her. 

She managed to encourage him to talk with her, and he confirmed what she had thought, that  he had been watching her from afar, but was too shy to say much.

"What a silly pair we are! I thought you were just not talking because you looked down on me for living in the Trailer Park."

"So what is up with your trailer? Is it something I can fix for you?"

"No. There are police there." In for a penny, in for a pound. "I got a phone call."

"Oh. I heard something about that. I like Spock Block's column. Let me go check, see if  the police are still there."

"I think it would be better not to go. But I meant what I said. Can I sleep on your couch or something, just till this blows over?"

Lang had a large house, a barn makeover. Showing her round the house, he invited her to stay with him as long as she liked. 

"This is perfect!" cried Inge. 

Lang had already had a tall hedge and security gates to keep out paparazzi.


Lang's house is Feldstrasse 2, made by BlackyPanther.

Inge's Sim came from Simlogical I believe, though I can't find it now.