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Jolrei and Emma in Twinbrook

Semele aged up to child and it was apparent even before she started school that the child was a genius.

Emma gave birth, at home, in the middle of the night to Edgar, Jolrei's son.

Semele got a telescope for her 7th birthday.

And Edgar took strongly after his father, and was often to be found studying in the library with him.

Emma invested some money in the Box Car Diner where she worked. it did so well, she decided to buy the place out. She renamed it the GilsCarbo Diner. She decided the staff there needed some changes. So she fired Motoki Mo and Meggie Who, who were lazing about, smoking, and not doing the washing-up to her satisfaction.

Jolrei decided it was time to work on his garden so he planted pomegranates, limes, some lettuce and tomatoes and a few other plants.

Some time later, Emma bought out the Corsican Bistro, which she renamed, originally, the GilsCarbo Corsican Bistro. She was now the most renowned chef in Twinbrook, and soon she planned to make her own restaurant. But she made good money from her ownership of the local places, and while the children were young she wanted to spend more time at home.

To be continued.