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Emma and Jolrei

Emma invited him over with the express intention of asking him if he minded about the evil rumours the paparazzi were spreading about her and him.

"Oh, I don't care what they think", said Jolrei. "I don't even read the papers."

"I thought you were staying away because of it..."

"Not at all. I've been very busy; I invented a teleportation device and that took all my available time. I had assumed if you needed anything you would ring."

He looked at her face. "Oh. You didn't - because you thought I was upset." He moved a little towards her. "How can I help?"

She held out her hands. "I have missed you so much, and I didn't dare ask..."

He pulled her into a hug. "I'm here now. You HAVE only to ask. I would do anything for you, and little Semele here."

Their friendship was quickly renewed.

They talked long into the night. Jolrei had a simple solution. "If the thing that you most want to do is stop people talking about you and Sim... why not marry me instead?"

"I am so lucky. I get to marry my best friend!"

"I love you, Mr Gilscarbo!"

It seemed a good plan to make a fresh start. So they bought a house called Willow Manor in Twinbrook. Right opposite Spock Block.