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Sean Pertwee's Legacy

As I was reinstalling with no CC, I started to play with Sean Pertwee. His family kind of developed as I went along, and as time went on I got interested in what had become of Sunset Valley's original citizens a generation along.

OK here is Sean, single. Moved into a trailer. (Download him)

He approximates to the famous actor and could maybe pass on a very dark night. Moved into a trailer. With added flamingoes. Went to look for a job at City Hall.

He met the Alto family on the steps of City Hall.

Holly isn't impressed with this plebeian.

Alto: "I would advise you to go into politics. Many a fortune has been made in that field."

"I do like to watch a good boxing match. Have you ever seen SimDaddy fight?"

"Not in this town. Boxing is banned here."

"...under the current administration" muttered Nick Alto.

"Daddy is right. Politics would suit you; there is plenty of conflict in that field. Gloves off!"

He liked Vita.

And then he met and made friends with Gobias Kofi.

"I do think you should use some sunblock..."

Gobias invited him to the seafront for a picnic.

Gobias spent a lot of time with Sean and they soon became very good friends.

Sean had been working as a Ballot Counter, and struggling to make ends meet, but soon after he became an adult, he was promoted to Campaign Intern. Now he could afford a maid, and had his car painted a better colour (still the same old car but it looked better.)

A short holiday would be a nice treat. China was the cheapest.

He met and made friends with Xi Yuan, a married Chinese woman.

When he got back, he had a few jewels which he placed on his desk.

Oh no! The repo man took one of his holiday gems! lesson learned: "Must not forget to pay the bills...."

Meeting Gobias, as usual, at the Town Hall, he told him he's been promoted to City Council Member. But he was beginning to have doubts as to the rightness of the cause.

Gobias suggested he might look for work in a different field. "You're too upright to make a good politician. I would look for something else, in your shoes."

"I do like to help people. Maybe medicine."

"Anyway, I've treated himself to a nice coffee machine with my bonus. Come on over, I'll make you some!"

Gobias was too polite to say so, but he would rather have had chicken.

One question - Why did Gobias Koffi think of a teddy bear every time he looked at Sean?

Sadly, Gobias died of old age just after he came to see Sean that last time. (I think he just wanted a hug.)

Another day, Sean invited his boss over, Tori Kimura. He liked her a lot, and was beginning to think about marrying.

After talking for hours, discussing work, and what he should do career-wise, in other words, his future, he was quite taken with her, and tried to flirt.

But she closed him down, saying "Darling I am MUCH too old for you. I would like us to be best friends, and I'm really SO tired - do you mind awfully if I crash out in your bed tonight? Then I'll give you a lift to work."

Tori actually aged up the next day.

She knew he was thinking of leaving, and advised him to study Logic for medicine.

On his day off, Tori was there at the library; she introduced him to her flatmate, Monica Morris, and they got on well.

He asked her to join him for lunch and they went to the bistro, spending all afternoon and evening together.

He had a few days before starting the new job, had intended to go away for a short trip but suddenly he wanted to spend all his time with Monica.

Calling in at the Town Hall for one last visit with Tori, he found a demonstration going on.

There was a major protest going on at City Hall. He found himself arguing with some of the protestors, in particular Emma Hatch.

"No, I used to work here - I was a City Council member. But I've left now - I didn't agree with all the policies either. Let me try and talk to my old boss on your behalf and smooth things over."

"That makes you a turncoat, comrade. Go talk to your boss if you like, but don't mention me."

Well, he tried. He went to talk to Tori, but of course she was in no position to do anything about the demands of the protestors, and no, the Mayor was "in a meeting".

Before long, he asked both Tori and Monika to move in. It seemed logical, as they were all best friends and Tori and Monika had shared a flat for years.

They expanded the little house, to make an apartment for the recently retired Tori, and their plan was for him to marry Monika.

Monika gave up her job hawking snacks at the stadium and declared herself as a professional angler, thinking that would give her more time at home.

"We can't afford a big wedding, but we could have a party here."

As he got to know her better, he discovered that Tori had a broken heart (broken by her old boyfriend, not Sean!) he had the temerity to die of old age before Tori got around to telling him she loved him. That's what you get for being shy!

They were all getting older. But Monika suddenly found she was not just pregnant, but in labour. THAT was a shock. In the preparations for their small wedding party, she had not noticed. On the wedding day, just after their party,

"We got married just in time!" she told Angie, the repairwoman. "When it's time to breathe, breathe, don't talk!" replied Angie.

Angie Yu, the repairwoman, spent a lot of time at the house, as many many things broke. They discovered eventually that she was very clumsy. She spent most of her time talking. But Monika meanwhile was learning to repair things herself, though she was exhausted after little Morten's birth.

Sean: "I feel as if I am the conductor of a band of chickens, all playing different tunes."

Morten agreed.

Sean was asked to donate his pancreas at the hospital, as the cost of his next promotion. "I thought they were joking when they put the job title on the contract as 'Organ Donor'."

Tori was not getting any younger. She had gone back to work as a Report Processor, and loved her work. Morten was almost a teenager. Angie had signed up for the Sunset Valley Forces and, Tori thought, might be pregnant. Too many "upset tummies".

Sean was finally getting on in his medical career, and was now a Medical Intern, level 4. "Late starters" she thought. "We're all late starters. Well, maybe except for Angie and Morten."

Monika was still fishing at times but was wondering about getting a different job, now that Morten was growing up. She found she was bored hanging around at home, and Tori encouraged her.

Tori finally died of old age. The whole family mourned. Although she had only ever been Sean's very good friend, she had been a kind of grandmother to little Morten, a friend to Monika when she was trying to come to terms with her husband's new marriage, and even a good friend to Angie herself.

A new Post Office was open in town.

Immediately afterwards he felt very tired and suddenly old.

He actually was not unhappy about it. But he did start to dye his hair and eyebrows.

The handywoman Angie Vu was by now almost part of the family, and they wanted her to move in. Monika aged up, and took to sleeping with Tori because she didn't snore.

After a few "chance" encounters in the bathroom, Sean realised that Angie was someone very special to him. He really fell hard for her. It was hard to keep this hidden and before long he talked to Monika, and they had an amicable divorce.

Morten was growing up fine, looked a lot like his dad.

He married Angie, and they all continued to live in the growing house.

I think Tori bored Monika to death at Sean and Angie's wedding party.

Angie, being the youngest (she aged to Adult a day after marrying Sean) got a job and started working on Tori's garden. Monika was still struggling to make a living fishing. Sean was still a Paramedic. It looked as if he would not fulfil his lifetime wish of three different careers to level 5, but he MIGHT manage 2.

Sean looks more like his namesake as an elder.

But he had a son to carry on his family name, a younger wife, and his two very good friends, Tori and Monika, his first wife. He loved them all, really. They still were not very wealthy; but Morten would have a better start than Sean had. And Sean would leave a decent home for his ladies and son, when it was his time. He was quite concerned about Tori, lovely, sweet Tori, who was becoming quite frail, even though she had recently decided to go back to work in an office, when Morten started school, and seemed to be thriving on it.

A new prep school opened in town, and they decided to send Morten. Now they finally had enough money to pay bills without difficulty, they were able to buy fun, pointless things like a waterslide.

Angie was a woman with a mission! Never let it be said that a clumsy ex-repairwoman could not save the world!

Just to prove that even Sean does not have a serious face all the time.

And suddenly, she was sent home from work on military maternity leave. They were all delighted, of course.

Even the paparazzi in this town were ancient.

Monika and Angie played with the waterslide far more than Morten, who was a rather solemn little chap.

In fact there was much building going on in Sunset Valley. There was the new pub and brewery, The Pickel Slug, with 2 new empty (so far) shops, the new school, and a new Fusion Bar in the centre of town. Next door to the Fusion Bar a plush new department store was under construction.

Tori was very old when she died - over 100. She had had a long and contented life with her adopted family, and had been at work the day she died.

Monika went to repair the family's computer and was dismayed that when she booted it up, there was Tori's blog on the page in front of her.

They all mourned Tori for a long time, and missed her, particularly Monika.

Angie's son was called Jon.

Sean took an experimental treatment for his pancreas and it set him on fire.... he had to be extinguished by Lakesha Hernandez, a teen who worked at the bookstore.

That day was also Morten's birthday.

Morten aged up and got the Savvy Sculptor trait. Lakesha Hernandez came for his party. He decided he didn't like the "shaggy dog" look and grew some sideburns. Morten is also technophobe, virtuoso and artistic. So for fun, he mostly plays on the waterslide with his mum!

One week Morten had to stay home and look after little Jon while the adults went on a trip. These were schooldays as well. He had to call a babysitter before leaving for school and spend most of his nights looking after little Jon. He found it very stressful, but it built a very strong bond between him and his little brother.

He got a part time job at the bookstore, and developed a fascination for vampires, as many teenagers do.

Sean finally made it to medical intern (level 5) and decided he would stay in the medical career. He was too old to start all over again, and besides, he rather enjoyed the vaccination clinics.

Sean decided it was time for a "holiday of a lifetime", a trip for all of them to Shang Simla. Well, not little Jon, he was too young; and Monika, who was feeling her age, was happy to stay home with him. Angie and Sean had wanted to travel all their lives - up till now they had not had the money, and it would be "educational" for morten. It was also a way of making up to Morten for the time he had to stay babysit while they went to a conference.

Sean spent much of the time collecting bugs, minerals and relics.

Morten turned out to be very good at finding secrets in tombs.

Morton started to learn martial arts, Angie did some quests and Sean collected bugs for work - they needed 10 scarabs for an experiment. However, scarabs live in Egypt, not China, he soon realised. So he tried to get some assassin beetles instead, but only got a few bites. Morten also tried to catch them with the same results. "Nasty little things" was the verdict.

And Morten developed the LTW to have a private museum (ie to have a current relic collection at his home worth 20,000)

Angie did a lot of fishing, hoping to make a pond in her garden. The guys helped her, but on her return home, she was to lose all her fish to Customs.

Overall though, it was a very profitable trip.

And of course, on holiday one does things one would not dream of at home...

Just after they got back, it was Jon's birthday.

He does look rather like his big brother.

Back at work, Sean was repeatedly called in to patch up the local criminals; he seemed to be the doctor of choice, as they knew he would not talk.

By the time they added up all the goodies they had brought back, they had made 16K just from minerals, and had not even started to think about the value of gems. In spite of the fact that the Customs officials had impounded all their fish.

Sean decided it was time they moved to a more comfortable house, specially as Angie was showing signs of being pregnant again. That shower at the guest house in China, it had to be that.

They moved from Pre-Fabulous at 55 Water Lily Lane to Plus Plus at 24 Sim Lane, a much nicer part of town, and added a double garage. Morten and Sean started to dig a cellar because Morten liked the idea of sculpting in the subterranean. Sean. meanwhile, thought it would be a cool place to store things.

They decided they should go overseas more often.

"France next time, I think," said Sean.

Angie had twins, Lemuel, Virtuoso and Perceptive, and another, Shemuel, Artistic and Virtuoso.