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The Pertwee Legacy Continued

Sean was now quite old, and thought it was probably time to retire. Giving lectures just wasn't that much fun any more, but there was some kind of problem with his pension, and he would have to wait, or retire with no pension at all... and with three school-age children in the family, that was something he dared not do.

"If you retire, you can come and help us with the garden," grinned Angie and Monika.

The three younger boys had between them developed a project of stone-collecting. They would go out collecting, and see what they could find, then divide it up between them:

Meanwhile, Morten aged up to Young Adult, and decided he would try his hand at making a living by sculpting for now, though he wanted to travel some more and was saving up for that.

Shemuel decided he would like to be a Zoologist.

But Jon was failing in his studies. F was a common grade. He didn't care.

He fully intended to be rich anyway. Who needs school? He often truanted. After some discussion, his parents decided that they would need to spend more time with him, to get him past this difficult stage. Monika started to teach him to fish, and Angie got him gardening.

Sean was at last promoted to Principal.