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Pertwee Generation 2

Second generation of the Pertwee family: we have Monika, Sean, Angie, Morten, Jon, and the twins, Lemuel and Shemuel.

It was definitely time to expand the house again.

Sean, with the boys helping with the grunt work, and Angie and Monika looking after electrics and plumbing, built on a room for the twins, now that they were children. And then decided that the adults should sleep upstairs so they didn't have to hear the children thumping about above them. So the house was completely rearranged, with a single bedroom for Monika on the ground floor with its own bathroom, a double for the parents upstairs, Morten above Monika because he was fairly quiet, Jon and a double for the twins on the ground floor directly below the parents' room.

Monika was still fishing, but only as a hobby. Sean had switched to working as a Teacher's Aide.

Angie was a Squad Leader; she had decided she wanted to do more gardening.

Morten was still at High School, still struggling with his homework. Doing it at the Karaoke Club might not have been the best plan.

Specially when your stepmother gets up on stage specifically to embarass you...

Jon, now a teen, was about to start High School. He was a computer whiz, completely different to Morten. Lemuel and Shemuel were just beginning Elementary School.

Morten wants to collect relics. He is technophobe, savvy sculptor, virtuoso and artistic. Jon, meanwhile, likes to collect minerals and combine them. He can't stand art, is friendly, likes nothing better than being outdoors.

Shemuel is artistic, loser and virtuoso. He also loves books.

Lemuel likes gems. He can't stand art, like Jon, but is perceptive and a virtuoso.

The twins signed up for ballet class at school.

Morten signed for Art club, Jon for Shop club.

Morten discovered that a different school, the Art Centre SeventySeven, had a sculpting atelier, so started hanging out there. Then his father, with a bonus from work, was finally able to afford a sculpting station for him at home.

Sean was promoted to Elementary School teacher, and got a job at the school his sons attended.

Angie was offered a job in Law Enforcement as a Vice Squad Officer, and after some deliberation took it.

Now that Morten could sculpt again, he was doing much better at his schoolwork.

Sean finally reached the giddy heights of Middle School Teacher, at the school his kids attended.

Jon has a hidden secret - an invisible friend, Patches, that nobody but he could see.

Monika spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. She felt OLD. Her hair was finally turning greyer. And no matter how she tried to convince herself that they were laughter lines, her face was getting very lined.