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Connor Frio

Connor lived alone in Sunset Valley, with his dog.Barky, the inspiration for Connor's successful line of childrens' novels. Connor himself had been hard at work writing Barky the Space Dog, and decided something was missing.

He invited his old friend Summer Sullivan over. He had admired her from afar for years, and they were very good friends; he was tired of living alone. He wondered if she felt the same - maybe it was time to pop the question.

Summer was pleased to see him, and soon guessed his intention.

He invited her to stay over for the night, and she contentedly headed for the bathroom.

When she didn't come out for a long time, he went to look for her - what was that bright light in his bathroom?

It was Summer. He had a little conversation with the Reaper.

"Sorry, man, I didn't know you had intentions - but it was time. Next time don't leave it so late"

"There won't be a next time, now," sighed Connor, and turned back to his writing. He would keep himself busy. That week he completed Barky the Space Dog and immediately started another, The Quantum Malfactory and Barky Dog.