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Kimmy 3

Soon, Kimmy and Miriam's daughter Monika was born. Brave and clearly a genius from the start.

Kimmy had a Mid-Life Crisis and discovered he was becoming more and more like his father - ambitious, a bookworm, a computer whiz, a genius, a devoted workaholic. Days off were often spent working from home.

When he could get to the computers.

Teaching Monika to talk.

"I'm pregnant again."

"I thought it was just flu!"

"So did I."

Kimmy was by now a Report Processor.

When she was better, Monika took Miriam to the beach, but it rained all day, and they couldn't hide under those big umbrellas so they called in to see the horses at the Koenigs'.

Horse: "Please adopt me, I don't want to be a burger."

Miriam decided to give up working and stay home with the children. She developed an interest in gardening.

Monika was delighted with her rocking horse. And also with her baby brother.

They had another baby, a son, Keegan. He was also a genius, and a brave little boy. Miriam was very sorry to realise she couldn't have any more children. She had wanted five.

"But two is wonderful! An heir and a spare! And no children could be any better!"

Kimmy had to make some more extensions so they could all fit into the once tiny house, and closed in the porch that had been the dining porch for so long. The climate was changing; it was getting colder.

One day, Kimmy had to be ejected from the library for shaking his rattle and clapping. "Shhhhhh!"

That winter, they were not quite so squeezed financially, and were able to decorate the house for Sim-Mas.

And Monika added her own unique contribution.

To be continued.

I finally retrieved this little family from an old backup. Sadly, they lost little Keegan. He fell through the ice in the winter and was never found. So Monika will have to be the heir.

March 6, 2013