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Kimmy Dotcom 2

Even on his graduation day,

hiding behind the column was the proudest father ever!

"I can see you, Kim. I'm glad you came. But please don't disturb Kimmy, he's happy with his friends."

Some of his friends weren't as happy. Kimmy, meanwhile, was voted Most Likely to Save the World.

Before starting his new job, Kimmy had a few free days and invited that pretty firewoman, Miriam, out for a spot of fishing.

While she wasn't impressed with fishing at all, she did enjoy a good story. Even from inside a bush!

"That was fun!" Kimmy just thought she looked good out of uniform.

Tanisha, meanwhile, was enjoying her widowhood. One night she was out on a date when the Reaper came for her too.

"I can't go yet! I was having such a lovely time... Who will look after my boy?"

"He's old enough to look after himself now. Your husband is waiting for you."

Kimmy and Miriam, meanwhile, were at the theatre when someone else died... the famous Cycl0n Sword.

After a while, Miriam went home, and Kimmy cried on Lisa Bunch's shoulder for a long time. (Lisa worked with both senior and junior Dotcoms and was a family friend.)

"Mum, I miss you so much already. I wanted so much for you to get to know Miriam. She's the One for me, Mum. I'm going to marry her. I've put you and Dad here so you will never be far away from me."

"Rest easy, my dear parents. The only parents I've ever known."

Then he rang Miriam and started to plan their wedding.

Meanwhile, Tanisha was not afraid of zombies. "You can't do anything to me now."

Time for the wedding party. They had cake, music, a buffet and


Of course, with Kimmy's luck, one of the fireworks misfired.

Starting a small fire.

Former firewoman Miriam came running. "I've got it, don't get too close," he gasped.

And soon it was out. All agreed it was an awesome party.



At this point I moved the Legacy over to the Sunset Valley (Expanded) world. Hoping it isn't an issue, but it enables me to place some more of the specialist lots.

March 6, 2013