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DotCom Generation 1

(Since generation 0 didn't produce an heir, we start again with Generation 1.)

Kimmy Dotcom is the adopted son of KimDotcom and his wife Tanisha. He's Bookworm, Brave, Computer Whiz, Disciplined, Genius. He lives with his mother in their little house in the swamp in Sunset Valley. He shares his late father's dream of reaching the very top of the Business career. (Father only got as far as CEO).

Both he and his mother felt his recently deceased father was still with them. Kimmy took it completely in stride. Specially when his Dad saved him the trouble of cooking.

One night Kim got in the way of Kimmy who was cooking... and a fire started.

Kimmy was quite impressed with the firewoman, Miriam.

Which Tanisha was well aware of. Mums don't miss as much as their kids think!

It was a little annoying when he haunted the computer, but Kimmy was just glad to still have his Dad around, in whatever form.

He actually fixed the dishwasher one night!

Tanisha pushed Kimmy out the door. "Off to the Prom with you."

"But I haven't got a date."

"Never mind that, go anyway! Your friends will be pleased to see you, and it'll cheer you up."

Tanisha was right again. The Ed Psych had briefed Kimmy's friends: "Kimmy's dad died recently, and he's still feeling a little beaten up, and also today was his last day at school! " the Ed Psych told the rest of the class. "Be extra nice to him." There was really no need; Kimmy was a popular boy.

Of course they voted him Prom King.

Coming out of the Prom, he felt quite exhilarated but so tired.

"Is this what happened to Dad? Am I dying?"

"You know what? I don't care. It feels good!"

And so he aged up. Kimmy was now a Young Adult, finished with school, homework and all those horrible things that afflict teens like curfew, drama and anguish. He hoped.


February 4, 2013