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Kim Dotcom 3

The three of them had just arrived home from an afternoon's fishing. Nobody caught anything but minnows, but they were happily tired.

Kimmy settled down to do his homework.

Kim headed for the bathroom and ...

"What the... I've lost the floor..."

"Sparkles? SPARKLES?"

"Oh... THAT kind of sparkle."

Tanisha had a feeling something was wrong.

"Hello, Grim! It's time for our meeting., is it?"

Tanisha staggered downstairs, grief-stricken. Heading out into the garden where Kimmy was finishing his homework, her phone rang. It was the Science Lab.

They wanted her to take his ashes to the lab. Something to do with his having been a Test Subject all those years ago. "But how did you know?" The scientist on the other end laughed. "We know. Better drop by soon."

That seemed a little sinister, but she agreed to head over in the morning. She didn't want to go to work anyway.

It didn't really hit Tanisha until she went to meet Kimmy from school. THEN she could cry.

But she took the ashes as requested to the Science lab.

She didn't quite get what the scientists meant by this.

Until beside her...

"They tricked me. I thought I was going to be uploaded!"


February 2, 2013