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Alto-Landgraab Household

I'm Holly Alto. I stayed single a long time. I guess I just was never sure that chaps were not after my money. After my parents died, I finally married Victor Landgraab. He was every bit as wealthy as me and couldn't care less about money.

Also no spring chicken, Victor decided he had had enough of being a playboy and that he wanted to try for a political career. He had never worked hard in his life, and had to start at the bottom, but he felt our contacts in the ciry would be very useful; he was right; he was taken on very quickly as a Campaign Intern.

I've never really worked hard - I was a toddler sports coach for a while, I loved those kids! and have a small pension from that. But I own the Wilsonoff Community Theatre, which I renamed to the Vita Alto Theatre.

I love studying logic. Seem to have a natural affinity for it. I think I get that from my mother. Certainly Dad was never logical; brute force alternating with sheer charm was more his style.

I was actually invited to give a presentation about it at the local school. They hinted that they were considering hiring a full-time Professor of Logic. I might enjoy that, but I wasn't quite ready to take up the role.

We had a really good evening at the newly reopened Pickel Slug pub. Victor can't beat me at darts!

We threw a great party with all the important people of the neighbourhood there. There did seem to be several vampires, including one Bella Bachelor, who I have never much liked.

Her brother's OK though. In fact, looking back at my pictures, there did seem to be rather a preponderance of vampires at the party.

And Victor danced very happily for hours with Bella.

Victor came home today and told me he has been promoted to Yes-Man, and is getting on very well with his boss, Robin Keller.

And then later I was practising the guitar (out of sound range of the house as I'm still not good at it and making horrible noises) and a vampire dropped in and started bouncing on the trampoline behind me. That was - strange. I went indoors.

May be continued.