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Normandie Chapter 1

The first thing I noticed in this town was one Albert Brindille wandering along the side of the river. Lovely! Through woodlands and pretty areas, carefully keeping to the side of the road, and then he walked straight across the river. On TOP of the river.

Dominique dresses in skirts, and adores cooking. S/he was struck by lightning, and decided that was a judgement of God; and so moved out of the Whoson household.

Back to the Whoson household. Sholmes had to explain to him that he intended to be celibate forever. Poor Whoson was heartbroken. He left the Criminal profession and began his medical training, than he moved out, leaving Merlock Sholmes to follow his chosen profession.

John Whoson planned to marry, as befitting a man of his profession.

Some repairs to the city's bridges were necessary.*

He had a lovely house, but it was far too cold - on his first night trying to sleep there, he almost froze solid.

Holmes was working on a case.

Somehow the procedure recommended by his employer, the Chief of Police, did not seem very clever, and Sholmes soon discarded them in favour of his trusty magnifying glass.

"I just want to examine your flippers."

Stakeout from inside the shed, as it was hailing.

His patience was rewarded.

These two look very chummy.

Important not to let one's mind wander when trying to overhear.

"Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Lead Pipe." Oh, wait...


Normandie is a beautiful world made by Manu/Picasso at the Sims Dailies Forum, and can be obtained from this thread.

* The world needs some CC including the Dragon Valley world to be installed for it to work as intended.