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The Curious-Lights in Midnight Hollow

They bought a large, but odd, house in Midnight Hollow. But then they are all odd there. Tita and Vidcund should fit right in. It was terribly dark. They had it re-roofed, new wiring, completely redecorated and then started work on the garden. It had no basement, which was the only thing Tita wasn't keen on. Loads of room, it's an enormous garden.

Overview - large garden, already planted, miner, there's a telescope on the balcony of course and a time machine round the back.

The Academy, just across the road from their house. By some curious (sic) process of transmogrification, it appears when the Lights family move into a town. It doesn't belong to them yet. They will have to buy it.

Fishing. Fishing? "Scanning."

With the drab, desaturated landscape, this paparazzi's outfit came as a bit of a shock. That's Tita III and the dog saying he is full of fleas.

Vidcund amusing himself as usual. Note to self - he did NOT extinguish himself, until I told him to. MUST put shower IN the inventing room.

I think he was still a little shocked. Afterwards, I found him heading out, he said to gather something.

Vidcund bought the Fishing Lot, Blackfish Pond, where Tita met a unicorn called Aires Horse.

"Now that's what I call a dead parrot."

Being an inventor can be very frustrating.

Complaining about... IDK.

Blast! It must be something to do with the teleporter!

Tita III was sent off to (military of course,m as her mother is a top astronaut) boarding school.

Moving swiftly on, the new Town Hall was completed, and proved popular with residents.

Tita and Vidcund had a long holiday in China.

This guy flirted with Tita. So he gets to donate his DNA.

Tita got to try out the Axe of Pangu.


"I still enjoy gardening more."

Reverse parkour.

Sadly, she didn't get to keep it. Customs confiscated it as a lethal weapon. So will have to go back and get it all over again. Someday.


and Samsa.

That's an oops, Vidcund. When the pretty lights come on, DO NOT GO TO THEM! (But of course, it's in his family, he has to.)

MHASA where Tita works.

Mission Control is in the low block there.

Mining in the garden sometimes is remarkably rewarding.

Oh no, not again!

"Must... Fix... Teleporter!"

Nice and comfy, boys together.



Meet Vidcund's son Twiglet.

TitaIII came home for the vacation, and to meet her new little brother.

It's not easy being teen.

Tita bought the Fascinating Facts Observatory.


Of course the Space Centre stuff is all by Sandy at Around The Sims. That's actually what inspired this whole story...

To be continued.