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The Windsors

"My dear, that hat is quite becoming, but do you think it's necessary to wear it while preparing Stu Surprise?"

"Just because you are a Greek does not mean you have any sense of fashion, Philip."

Her Royal Highness was in fact thinking of retiring. She would like to travel more - and less conspicuously, and improve, nay build, a decent nectar cellar without having to feed it all to all those politicians. She discussed this with Philip.

"Oh my dear, you KNOW I have wanted you to retire for so long. We need to spend more quality time together!"

"I'll talk to Charles about it then. Would Camilla be a hindrance?"

"She's such a sweet person, I doubt it."

"Now that the monarch is no longer the Head of the Church, things are so much simpler."

Diana and her inlaws were still the best of friends. Here she and Prince Philip had an impromptu jam session outside the bistro.