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Lights in Jericho 2

Tita I moved out of Bowie's to leave the newlyweds, and rented the little house that had been Haifen's. She felt she would prefer somewhere with a larger garden, because she had always been a professional gardener.

One evening in winter, she set off to the Alchemy store, but by the time she got there it was already closed. However, Tita was in the carpark.

"it's good to see you! Yes, the main thing I miss is my garden. I'm REALLY happy for Dave and Haifen, but I wound up with his TINY house with no garden. I'll have to look for somewhere else as soon as I can afford it, but I spent most of my savings on their wedding."

"Well, we still have the nectary, and I certainly could use some help... want to come back? I don't want to have to retire just to keep the farm and the nectary going, but I find it very hard to keep up with it all."

"You tempt me, woman!" giggles. "What about Tita Second? How would she feel?"

"Mind? She'd be over the moon. You know she would love to have you back."

So TitaI moved back in with her clone and her original.

She had lost a lot of weight and worked hard to put it back on. But as solid muscle.

Always time to play with the neighhbours!


Tita Second was growing into a rather beautiful young woman.

Tita bought the grocery store and renamed it Lights Green Grocery. Tita Second got a part-time job there.

Tita also bumped into Vidcund Curious. They got on very well.

Tita finally got the opportunity to bring a Tiberium Gem to work. Of course, she had no Tiberium, but after much fruitless searcing, a long trip to China, she finally managed to generate one on the bench.

Took it to work for her reward and got

Not bad, but not what she had been led to expect.

But she decided to continue in her work at the Science Labs, because she enjoyed it.

It was midwinter.

Waggles, Tita Second's old dog, didn't mind the weather at all.

Tita and TitaI decided it was time to go somewhere warm for a while.

Tita drank her Age Freeze potion. Then the three Titas set off, for China.

Lao Tse he say, Practice makes perfect.

Had a great trip, came back with lots of gems and some more martial arts skills for all three of them.

Tita on the phone to Spock Block.

"Yes, Spock. I'm thinking that as well as our Nectary, I want another long term project. I'm going to start a gallery of all the different gems."

"BIG job."

"Yes... Maybe Tita Second's daughter will complete it."

"On that topic - Tita Second and my Lego seem to be getting to be good friends. Are you and Tita I OK with that?"

"Sure. Kid needs friends."

Tita Second thought it would be great to have a holiday home for the family, so she in turn planned to work toward getting Level 3 Visa. Also, she told Tita I, as far as she was concerned, their legacy would not involve males. And certainly it hadn't so far. "Clones are WAY better, specially with potions."

"But - I thought you liked Lego Block?"

"Oh, he's just a boy."

Tita I explored the catacombs and came out with a genie lamp, while Tita Second ran around looking for turquoises. She stuffed the lamp in her backpack and forgot about it. There were more exciting things to do.

Do you see what I see?

That's just where I saw it.

Later trip. Tita I finally got Pangu's Axe.

The best laid plans... Tita I got carried away flirting and woohooed with Ahmed Diaz in a sarcophagus, "just for giggles". Really Tita I! He's married but his wife lets him entertain the tourists.

"Well now I know what that's like."

Coming home.

It must have been a good holiday; Tita I walked on water a lot of the way back.



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