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Jeffree Starr's Jericho Diary

Jericho: bought small house and rebuilt it. Bigger bedroom and large poolroom with a hot tub were ESSENTIAL!

Oh yeah, and got a job at the Studios.

Pretty here, specially nights.

Lights in the sky?

Ut oh.

Run run run


Well, you could have asked nicely.

Bad dream?

Back to work.

Hungry like an ox.

Jayson Cahill, the mixologist at the club near the studios is sweet.

Carefully sucking in my tummy here, and showing off tattoos.

Definitely a bit of weight gain there. Diet tomorrow.

These funny feelings in my tummy must be what they call "true love"! But but - if that's so, shouldn't I know WHO the lucky guy is?

Went to see Vidcund Curious "I heard you knew something about this?"

"It happens, just one of those peculiar things we're investigating. There shouldn't be any permanent scarring."

Woah! I don't wanna do this I don't wanna do this I don't



But little Esehic vanished away.

Jeffree shrugged it off and went out dancing the next night. Thank goodness for Metanium.



Jeffree Starr is a Sim made by OmegaStarr82 and available from his blog.