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More of the Kewians

Mimi decided it was time to move out. She and Mindy would look for a place of their own, and Doug gave them some money to buy a pretty houseboat called Odyssey.


Marge fell for Nadia Trager and they married, privately.

"Mum! You remember I mentioned Nadia?"

Sooo tried to be polite but.

Their happiness was not to last. There was an earthquake, a sudden wave - and Nadia disappeared. She had been out diving when the wave hit, and suddenly was gone.

Marge went out exploring every day, in the mist of autumn, hoping Nadia would come back. it was becoming apparent that she had become pregnant. She had no idea how.

After some months, when her pregnancy was abundantly obvious, she went home to Mum. "What am I going to do?"

Kewian smiled. "You're going to have a baby!"

Of course, Nadia was eventually discovered by some brave coastguards, marooned on an island in the mist. So the friends were reunited, and had a holiday at Sparkling Sands. But Marge left, because she decided she preferred to be at home, on her boat, to give birth. She called her baby daughter Namarie.

It was too hard to look after the baby on the boat, and the flames of passion were fading between Marge and Nadia. So Marge moved back in with her parents, taking Namarie with her.

The Lifeguard


The lifeguard's view.

The lightning-struck lifeguard.

The tree was no protection. Poor Doug. "I hate days like this. Nobody comes to the beach AND you get toasted."

On good-weather days, there were other hazards.

The children busy studying.

"Why are my fingers yellow?"

Living with one's siblings after some time away can be a little fraught.

And Mowlam aged up.

Soo, Marge, Mimi, Mindy booked a holiday "abroad". Their excuse was that Marge needed to get some pomegranates, but nobody had a clue where to get them apart from 'abroad'.

"Well, the travel agent said the cheapest 'abroad' was Shang Simla."

So that was where they went.

Sooo "I need one of those double-hip-holsters to look more like Lara Croft."


Nadia was Nadia Porter, a ghost self-Sim by Nadzicle at The Sims Daily Forum.


I'm afraid I've lost some of the Kewian pictures here.