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Jon Pertwee

Hollywierd was a city of special people. Stars, celebrities, and dwarfs.

Jon couldn't get gigs so satisfied himself with performing for tips in town. He met lots of Sims that way.

He did better with the ladies, who were all too ready to climb into his box.

Until they saw what he was doing while they were in there.

"And you stick swords in? Na-ah."

But there were no mishaps, and the Sims who did get in his box seemed suitably impressed. Or maybe pleased to have survived.

Performing for his brothers at the playground was not usually so good, and Shemuel decided to heckle today.

But after the boys had gone home, Jon met Gabriella and persuaded her to get into his box.

She was suitably impressed! Also single, (or rather, she suddenly became single when she realised he was wealthy in his own right) and very friendly, if a bit of a snob, and actually as wealthy as Jon. Not that you could tell from what she was wearing.

"I'll have your flowers but I don't know you well enough to accept a gift from you."

"And I'll move in with you, since you asked so nicely. Where I live is so crowded I sleep on the floor. But do you think we could get our own place? I can't handle teenage angst."

So Jon and Gabriella bought 39 Bogaard Lane and left the twins living in the larger house.

"We'll be fine here, you are just up the road and so's Mum and Morten. Why does everybody think we're kids? We graduate soon too! We have the maid to clean, and we can cook. So long as we don't mind living on toasted cheese, pizza and Chinese."

Jon was pleased that their new home, a modest two-bedroomed mansion, had a large party room in the basement, which would be fun for family gatherings, and a stage for impromptu performances.

Jon decided to take Gabriella for a honeymoon to France first, and planned a big family wedding party for their return.


Gabriella insisted these pictures not be included in the main text.

Of course, Jon proposed in the bathroom. While the maid was cleaning the toilet...

He had heard it all before.

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