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Post-Rage Bridgeport

Public Notice

The survivors of Bridgeport's Town Council are delighted to announce that the zombie plague, or Rage, as it's been called, is over. There are no new confirmed cases and life is beginning to return to normal. Sims who think they may have been infected are invited to visit the Hospital for validation, treatment and (possibly) humane termination.

All those Sims in need of food should go to the Mike's Cornerstore for food bags. Helpers here are very welcome: if Sims have become unemployed due to illness or the plague, they can obtain a part-time (paid) job here.

Sims who have large homes with extra rooms are asked to be willing to take in guests for a short time while the city's infrastructure is repaired, and more housing built. Please contact 02412975 if you have a spare bedroom, and 02412978, 02412979 or 02412980 if you need rehousing.

The plague was particurly damaging to the young, attacking through the schools - so please do not send your children back to school yet. A new, guaranteed infection-safe and unhaunted school is in process of construction. Please note, boarding schools outside the district are not currently accepting children from our city.


Necessarily brief.

Career Opportunity

Cemetery Manager and Cemetery Groundskeeper.

If interested please contact Johnny Jones (who, as the most senior surviving Political Officer has appointed himself Acting Mayor and has bought the cemetery).

Renee Littler went to the hospital, as she was still infected. But she died before she was treated.

If zombies can barely walk...

Then how do they ride a bicycle?

Caroline Custard, another survivor, bought the Grocery shop and moved into the Big Bling household. She ran the distribution of food to the survivors. Big Hartley died too, leaving Caroline, Matilda and Alexy in the house.

"The new Music Academy will have to have a cafe, of course. We'll need a good cook, are you up for it?"

The Jones family lived in a dump, a broken down house with a barely habitable basement, badly bug-infested. This too was demolished.

Tiara Angelista was a zombie, the rest of her family already dead, and the Joneses moved in with her to look after her, and simply carried on living in her house when she died.

Alexy Fresco and Matilda Smart, amazingly, survived, and were rehoused with Big Hartley, in a huge house called Big Bling. Big Hartley died soon afterwards.

Of the famous Belle family: only Jupiter Belle and Moxie Logan survived.

Their house was architect-designed to be zombie-proof.

They were still fairly paranoid and kept their gates locked.

The glass cubes on top were an attempt to keep airborne viruses out, and the house has a positive air-pressure. It's also quite difficult to get inside, playing on the zombie absent-mindedness.

Surrounded by a mesh fence which no zombie has the coordination to climb, with a security gate.

Light-wells as shown here carry daylight down into the living areas.

The only entrance on ground floor is via a security gate, then into a lift. Upstairs is a flat, very open-plan area. The idea being that inhabitants could SEE immediately if any member of the household were to develop symptoms.


The central lift.

Wogan Hemlock, still a vampire - was still squatting in an old ruined church, which before the Rage had been scheduled for demolition. He went and bought a vampire cure from the Science Lab, turned over a new leaf and decided to rebuild his church and make it into an inclusive wedding venue.

More Obituaries

Rocky Tanker, another survivor, decided to join the Music career, and Marina Prattle moved in with him after her vampire boyfriend died.

Aubrey Quintana moved and got a low-level police job. He's almost ready to retire and felt that now the zombies were gone, it should be an easy ride.

Brigit, the sister of Wogan Hemlock, now lives in a trailer with Dwight Rubble. She is no longer a vampire, but still works as mixologist. Wogan stays in a nearby trailer some of the time.

Dwight Rubble moved out.

Sabrina Funke, the last of her family, was almost the last in the city to die of Zombie Rage.

Elvira Slayer, who got better but at the cost of growing old!

Living in the Funke bunker now are Antwain Gooden, an Elder, Derek Swanson, an Adult, and Aimee Williams, one of the very few surviving teenagers, delighted not to have to attend school.

Some town views.

The new Music Academy, built right next to the new cinema.

Cafe inside the Academy.


The Jones' house is called Sub-Level Safety by Feldynn on Mod the Sims 2

The ruined church is also from Mod the Sims 2.