[ Benjamino, Morrigan, Don Salvatore and their babies ]

Morrigan, Benjamino et al

Morrigan was, after all, insane.

Benjamin went off to Egypt again, reluctantly, but for yet another "business trip".

Don Salvatore took a call from Benjamino in the middle of the night - of course, Egypt time is different from Bridgeport time.

"You will be back in time for the girls' birthdays? I have planned something special for that night."

Well, jetlagged Benjamino arrived just in time for the party. Morgaine was Excitable, Genius and Shy, while Morgause was Athletic, Friendly and Stupid; little Salvatore was both clumsy and evil.

Don Salvatore, of course, planned to tell them that he was retiring that day, and that he named Giovanni as his successor in the family business. But much more was to happen that night.

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