Cor and Don Renzella


Giovanni and Morrigan

Giovanni went to see Morrigan frequently while Benjamino was in China on business trips. They got along very well. 

Giovanni asked her "How do you feel about Benjamino wanting to take over the family business/"

"He's a fine thief, but I don't think he has it in him to be Emperor."

"That's my feeling as well," admitted Giovanni. "But I have!" He told her that he, in turn, planned to take  control of the family business. 

Between them, they worked out that Morrigan would gain control of the big house, and then bring Giovanni back in - for that to work, she said he would need to be out of the way. They hatched a plan for him to take on the downtown apartment, while Morrrigan and Ben and their baby, when he was born, would move in with his father. 

"Pappa dotes on children, he will be so happy he will not see what is going on beneath his own nose."

Morrigan agreed, smiling. "It runs in the family," she thought.

Giovanni talked to his father that night. "Wouldn't you prefer to have the babies here in the big cosa famiglia with you? I know how you enjoyed having Cor living here."

"Yes, I would. That is a very generous offer, my son. And what about you?"

"I myself am not ready to settle down and have babies yet. I like the bachelor life, and I can do that better from a penthouse in town."

So, as Giovanni and Morrigan had planned, she and Benjamino and their baby twins Morgaine and Morgause moved in with Don Renzella, and Giovanni moved downtown into their apartment.

Benjamino, Morrigan, Don Salvatore and their babies