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Anita Ecstass and Caitlin Smith

Anita Ecstass and Caitlin Smith moved to Bonsanto and bought a plot of land. After much deliberation they designed their own house. It went a little over budget. The brief was to make a house that was cool inside, even in the Bonsanto summer heat. They found this design on the Net.

Caitlin promised that when they had more money they would build a pool.

Rear view.

The idea is that the warmer air (coming from the South) rises over the sloping roofs and draws cooled air from the shaded outdoor areas into the house proper.

Of course, by the time the house was built, they had little left over for furnishings. What there was went on a modern kitchen. Anita longs to be a writer, and Caitlin to be a top reporter, so they both went off to do a course and get started. They only had very cheap beds, so a computer at home was out of the question. But they were able to work at the library.

Both got jobs as papergirls, and bought bikes.

With a weekend off and little cash, they spent time in the library working on their books, visiting the beach, fishing.

Caitlin got chatting with the repo-person, Stacey, who turned out to be a rather nice person.

"So... what do you do. anyway?"

"I'm a writer. Well, working as a papergirl, but you gotta pay the rent. But I'm working on my novel."

"Ahh. I love books! I read all the time."

She too loved books, and it turned out she had a secret desire to be a stylist. She hated being a repo-person. They invited her to stay for dinner.

"You know, if you need a place to stay," said Anita, "we have two spare rooms. No beds but rooms."

"Oh, I have a sleeping bag. That would be ace, if you really don't mind? I've decided I am going to give in my notice. I hate taking things from folks. Oh, do you mind if I wash my hair? The hostel I've been staying at hadn't much of a bathroom."

Washed and brushed up, she was a rare beauty.

The three headed out again, this time for the library, and afterwards planned to hit the casino. They had no money but hey! maybe they could win some.

To be continued