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Barnacle Bay: Snape Family Tree

Hyprekia and Preethi (nee Darwin) had a daughter, Parrotti.

Jess married Nina, and they have a teenage daughter called Jolene.

Saarcasmus was the last to marry, the original three brothers. He married a Genie, whom he freed from her lamp: Jana Beatty; they had triplets: Janice, James, Jordan. All appear to be genies, or at least have her colouring to some degree.

Tricia, Jake and Jesse James are clones. Tricia is a clone of her mother, Tricia, who had moved in with the original Snapes to help look after the babies.

Sarcasmus II married Torri, and had a daughter, Terry.

Hyprekia II married Tricia, in spite of the age difference - which was not too much after a Young Again potion. So she has her older daughter Trixie, and then they have Jake, another clone, and little Timmy, a biological son.

Little Jake is a clone of Hyprekia II, and Jesse James is a clone of Jess II.

Jess II appears to be gay and has settled down with Jerome; and they are bringing up little Jesse James.

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