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Aurora Snows Photos

Festival in the mist.

Fishing in the hot springs is surprisingly productive. And very pleasant.

The Port by night, in the snow.

You can see the Observatory, as well as the Spa. The large building on the right houses an open-air swimming pool, closed for much of the year, Harbour Police, and, I believe, some Smuggling Fraternity.

There's nothing docked there at the moment.

Aurora Snows is a beautiful rebuild of the EA world, adjusted so that the snow works! I've used the Mae Russia set here, and SimGuru Copeland's buildings as well as my own; I had in mind somewhere in the Baltic. Of course it IS winter a lot of the time there and often dark.

I made this dockside building and added the dock.

SimGuruCopeland's buildings combine beautifully with one of the other world Town Halls.


Aurora Snows by SigmundSims.