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Old Familiar Faces

Bowie and Haifen moved in and started to explore the place. The novelty of the weather was not lost on them.

Haifen indulging in his new hobby of ice-swimming with deathfish. At midwinter.

While Bowie set his synth down at the edge of the hot springs to play in the wonderful Northern light of the town.

This song Muddy Waters Cold Weather Blues

After a while they got bored of being cold, and set off for Shang Simla.

Two in a Tower.

Serenading in the Marketplace. "You know, Dave, you're good at this. Might even make some money at it, if you would only change that silly outfit."

"I LIKE this outfit! Hmph!"

"I hope my boss appreciates what I am doing for him."

Poor Haifen suffered on that holiday.

And Dave gave a whole new meaning to "playing to the Gallery."

"No, I don't look like a horses' ..."

"Dave? Dave, it's gonna EAT me. Dave?"

And they returned home safe and sound after a few adventures.