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The Lights in Aurora Snows

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"I don't know if this will work," said Durga. "I'm trying to move the whole farm, plants, gardens, gems, wine, everything. It's a new spell SimGoddess gave me to try. Hang onto your hats!"

Here left to right: Lakshmi, Ahmediaz, TitaI.

Waggles was an old dog at 472, and she had never seen anything like this. She surveyed the place, checking out all her favourite places.

"Everything smells the same. Everything in our house is still in the same place. But the AIR is different. The Light is different!"

She wandered off to continue her lifetime's work of finding gems for the family, and promptly turned up a soulpeace gem in the Gloomy Garden. Good dog!

Durga took the children to visit the local graveyard, and TitaI bought the grocery store, renaming it to First Light Grocery.

Durga and Tita Second decided to go to university together. Tita Second got a decent scholarship, and TitaI decided she would come too, if she could persuade Tita and Vidcund to come over and look after the children and her farm.

But first came Tita Second's graduation-from-high-school day. The children were picked up for school as soon as the ceremony finished. Tita Second was miserable. They really didn't design those gowns for big girls!

TitaI and Durga decided it was time to make their partnership official. After all, they already had two children between them, though only Lakshmi in common.

Being new to this world, they didn't know many folks - but a few dropped in at the sound of "party".

I have NO IDEA why she that townie is in her undies. But she seems to do that a lot. Maybe it's a hidden trait: Knickerlastic: wears underwear a lot.

Don't mothers and daughters always fight at weddings? They did wind up better friends afterward than before. This is a very physical family; they ALL love to fight.

So much fizzy nectar was sprayed that they were all sticky and sweet-smelling. So they moved the party back to the hot tub at home, where it continued well into the next morning.