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Chronicles of Arkham 7

A Crop of babies

The babies were called Jezreel and Chaz. Born within a day of each other, they appear to have both been conceived that one fateful night when Charles stayed over at Jeromy's, and the alien visited.

Now Charles, who was a determined Sim, had the fixed idea that babies should be born to women. And he was completely unable to admit that Chaz was born of him, or Jezreel of Jeromy. So he moved out, taking the babies with him, and advertised for female staff to live in the house and be nurse or nanny to the little ones.

He appointed Therese Riley, Matron of the charity he founded, the Darwin Institute for the Rearing and Education of Infants of Troubled ORigin or DIRECTOR. You see her here with Chaz.

Charles himself obtained employment at the Miskatonic University Labs, started studying Alchemy, and tried to forget he had ever met Jeromy or that alien, or gone through anything at all at the hospital beyond the removal of something he managed to convince himself was only wind.

Jezreel's birthday.

And Chaz' birthday. Chaz refused to wear clothing and always took off as much as possible indoors.

Just up the road, Glen Marx was Hanna and Karl's firstborn.

And at Cora's house, the lights had gone off again.

"I know. Good thing the plates glow in the dark! I have to go to work - Mig, can you see if you can get an electrician in?"

"After I get back from my interview."

"OK love. It's probably something to do with the groundwater - we are so close to the river here."

For Migolia, it was time to go back to work. He had taken a career break while their daughter Martha was little, but now she was old enough for school. He loved being a chef, though he also enjoyed being a house-husband and spending time with Martha while his wife was working as a Patrol Officer.

Cora had to interview their maid. But even after threats of arrest, she didn't get enough information to make a report.

Does Migolia realise she's pregnant again?