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Chronicles of Arkham 4

Of Good and Evil

Here are Paulina and Missy with their new domino set thinking deep thoughts.

Paulina's new partner at work in the police was Webby (Cora Romanos), while Hinhanni joined the Science career and started a small garden with some tomato pips and wild herb seeds. Above is Cora and Migolia's new house by the sea.

Paulina's boss told her to go out and investigate... something! So she started with Karin Ell's bin, where she apparently found fascinating papers.

Missy Hissy registered as a Photographer and travelled around the city photographing everything. But that wasn't enough! She decided she needed to travel to Al Simhara to buy herself a better camera. She bought one, and took lots of pictures. Which she promptly sold to make loads of money. So you don't get to see them!

And she chatted up the rather nice repairman, in the rain. Practical as always, she wore a bikini, a good approach to both rain and chatting-up.

Hanna joined the Fortune Teller career and purchased the gypsy caravan. She renamed it to Folklor Fortunes and started to read horoscopes. After she finished work she decided to pop over to the new Festival stalls for something to drink - and lo and behold, who should be on the hot drinks stall but her Karl! And on the next stall was Max Weber.

"What's this about the Protestant work ethic?" she smiled. Marx grinned broadly.

Hanna was having deep discussions with Karl Marx and had already decided to marry him. "We're so alike, you and me. Both evil, for a start. We could rule the world together!"

"I'm listening."

"With my horoscope-telling, and your political skills... we could be an unstoppable force. How would you like to be Leader of the Free World?"

"Tell me more."

"Even the bourgeois have to eat. Anyway, we are fundraising."

"For what?"

"Dunno, I will ask my mate here. Oi, Max! What we collecting for here?"

"To undermine the Save the Earthworms Foundation."

"Oh-kay. What time do you get off?"

"As soon as you like, my dear."

Later, he took her to look at the house he was buying at 167 Poe Crescent.

"It's enormous!"

"It's empty!"

"It has so much potential!"

"It needs so much work!"

Let's just zoom in on that...

She was VERY quickly expecting. "I want at least six children, Hannakins."

Luckily for him, she was already asleep.



Karl Marx and Max Weber are Sims made by Trystiane. Find out more about them here. They can be downloaded from her page on the Exchange.

Hanna is a self-Sim made by, well, Hanna! And I downloaded her from the Sims Daily Forum here.

Houses shown in this episode were made by me.


I came back to these Sims after a very long time, to discover that Missy Hissy had developed Photography Skill level 9 all by herself! So she HAD to become a career photographer. Who am I to ignore such dedication?

And Hanna and Marx were fascinated with one another as soon as they met; as they both have the Evil trait they could prove an interesting sub-plot.

January 31, 2015