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Appaloosa Prequel: Gotti Family

The little boy was growing up. Ernest was bright and looked a lot like his father.

Tina bought shares in the grocery/diner Graciella's.

Giovanni said "Why pussyfoot about?" and bought out the property.

But a week later, he was arrested and served some "time".

Tina sighed when she got the phone call. She had enjoyed living so close to her family. Now he had been caught, they would have to move to another city and make a fresh start. Criminals needed to operate in the dark, not the light. Not for the first time, she wished her husband had chosen a different career. She started to pack, and made a deal to sell the grocery store. Talking to an Estate Agent in Lollapaloosa Plains, she found a large ranch well out of town.

The locals accepted him as just another millionaire, preferring his privacy and a few select friends. Nobody there knew what he did. For now.