your sims can LIVE IN


Sunset Valley is the 1st world (Came with Sims 3)

Riverview is the 2nd world (Free download from the Store)

Barnacle Bay is the 3rd world (Purchase from the Store)

Twinbrook is the 4th world (Came with Ambitions EP)

Hidden Springs is the 5th (Purchase from the Store)

Bridgeport is the 6th world (Came with Late Night EP) and is a Late Night Town

Lunar Lakes is the 7th (Purchase from the Store)

Appaloosa Plains is the 8th world (Came with Pets EP)

Lucky Palms is the 9th (Purchase from the Store)

Starlight Shores is the 10th world (Came with Showtime EP)

Sunlit Tides is the 11th (Purchase from the Store)

Monte Vista is the 12th (Purchase from the Store)

Aurora Skies is the 13th (Purchase from the Store)

Dragon Valley is the 14th world (Purchase from the Store)

Midnight Hollow is the 15th (Purchase from the Store)

Moonlight Falls is the the 16th (Came with Supernatural EP)

Isla Paradiso is the 17th (Came with Isla Paradiso EP)


Sub-worlds your Sims can VISIT

Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims, Al Simhara are Vacation Worlds and function differently (Came with World Adventures EP)

Sims University (Came with Sims University Life)

Oasis Landing (Came with Into The Future EP)


Late Night Towns or Cities

From Late Night on, worlds are divided into "Sims 3 Towns" and "Late Night Towns". There seem to be important differences between the two, such as the NPC Sims they can spawn, food trucks, etc. Bridgeport is the only pre-made world to be cataloged as a "city". The rest, including the exotic destinations from World Adventures, Sims University, and Oasis Landing are considered suburbs.

List of CC worlds, updated with current links

Name Size By Unpopulated Roads? Link Comments Updated for which EPs
Addenbrooke   Shangrii          
Agasias Isle   Angela.Ester         IP
Al Medina   Zach_Bundy populated   EA Morocco. Very large, has some tombs. Some issues with Sims getting stuck on steep terrain.  
Alpine County   Western077 available populated and unpopulated     mostly USian. IP
Alpine Meadows   CinkSims       inspired by Hallstadt All EPs all SPs
Ancient Athens 512x512 Zach Bundy     EA Classical and rustic life in Ancient Athens! Live off of the land and rely only on your Sims' talents to live. Sell objects you find at the mine and fish in the river to the north or farm for food.  
Angel City large Coasterboi     EA Large, lovely city.  
Barcelona   Nilxis yes     Mostly apartments, cathedral and other historic buildings, port, IKEA! Great if you like apartments.  
Beach City large Rflong7     EA   all to IP, some SP
Bellatrix large RFLong     EA    
Brightwater   Simsontherope          
Caldey Isle/Island Small Stellatorontosims     Sims File Share    
Cape Garner Islands   Johnnywr     EA    
Cladbridge-on-Stowe large doublemedion694     EA English  
Coconut Island   Prof Plumbob       4 tiny tropical islands. Intensely beautiful but best just to visit, I found it too cluttered. Tiny, tiny houses and lots, open floodland in the centre.  
Côtes d'Ambonnay   xSorcier and Reachsims     EA Mediaeval France  
Deerburg-on-Tyne   Manu Pat and Lill     Sims Daily Forum    
Devil's Port              
Dronningslund large Fagersims       Danish/European city World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University and Island Paradise
e-Seoul   Hanogi       Inspired by Seoul  
Elmdale medium Helga the WhiteWitch        

Ambitions, Late Night, Pets,
Showtime, University life, Seasons, Island Paradise

Emporda large Nilxis         Needs Island Paradise
Enekjaer Island   Fagersims         World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University and Island Paradise

Eriu Fe

Here are the links. Two for lot cc, one for world cc, one for the world itself both in package form and Sims 3 pack.



from http://simplyimaginarypeople.tumblr.com/

sadly on hiatus now.
Beautiful. Green, full of flowers (in the custom CC) and trees, as it should be - it is meant to be an Irish island. Medium world but needs a lot of oomph to run. Some maintenance required. I had to adjust schoolhouse rug, etc.  
Euripus   Zach Bundy     EA Venetian Style Island with prebuilt buildings. Includes every type of career choice and collectible item from the Base Game. Base Game and World Adventures
Fairhaven City   Monsoon         all EPs no SPs
GlenDonnach large Doublemedion     EA    
Glennborough           town in mediaeval Ireland has CC
Goldenview Hills   MrCrumplebottom1     EA no lots built, roads only - download works  
Gold Coast   MerryWiddow     EA based on southern region of Ontario Canada  
Great Bear   Johnnywr     EA    
Gyeongbok Palace World   Hanogi         WA version
Industrial Island small RFLong     EA   not ITF
Jericho   Simsample     EA   Created with Gameversion 1.26 and Pets/Gen/Amb/LN/WA/Riverview.
Lillesund   Galadrielh       A little piece of Norway, almost CC free up to IP
Los Aniegos   Coasterboi     EA   Late Night
Legacy Island large RFLong     EA   All the Expansions-WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets/ST/SN/Sea/Uni/IP/ITF


still downloadable here

very large         Massive world and some routing problems. Amazing building shells.  
Luxor large Wasset-Aseskara populated     Explorable tombs. Landmarks, graveyard catacombs and also there’s a tomb under a Late Night Club located in City of Oblivion.
Themed Venues: Egyptian, futuristic, grunge or sporty.
Luxor is populated with ancient vampires, celebrities, jocks, rebels, nerds, and much more.
Mariners Reach small Johnnywr     EA    
Mayumachi   SimsRepublic       Japanese inspired  
Mesa Grande   CAW Blog         Ambitions
Mont Saint Michel   for Ggoyam.com       Beautifully sculpted  
Moon Base Charlie Delta large RFLong          
Morreaux   Sinkala unpopulated   EA Louisiana inspired  
Myst large      


Neverglade   Pyronium3 unpopulated   EA    
Niua Simoa   Kiwi_tea     EA    
Normandie   Manu          
Oahu   Jasumi       ll EPs to SHowtime. Hawai'i inspired  
Paris 2   TheSimsKey       Paris inspired Ambitions, Generations and Pets.
Point Ouerbacker   jje1000         Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions
Late Night, Pets, Showtime, Seasons,
Supernatural, Generations, University Life
Island Paradise,
The free Pet Store
Pounawea   Awesims          
Praaven   jje1000   roadless   I think the correct link is second from the bottom on this page in the comment by lowrisim:
Prato di Livori large for Latoya unpopulated        
Rattlesnake Ridge   Mikatta47 unpopulated     Rattlesnake Ridge is all that is left after a great cataclysm rocked simanity. Now, you and your neighbors must rebuild similization. Are you up to the challenge? - Compatible with The Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge rules. This is the lite version, with only blank lots. Make it as purty as you like :)  
Red County large Coasterboi unpopulated   EA California inspired  
Rinn Fada
  Conorsim     EA    
Roseward large Nigalkins       apocalypse  
São Paten   jje1000         Up to IP
Setra large Pyronium3   populated     Up to Pets
St. Clair   Awesims         WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Seasons
Survival Island large Simmer Rho   roadless     right up to and including ItF
Twikii Island   Rflong7     EA    
Ulokea   Simmer Rho   roadless      
Valley Springs large Ale_Sims3   populated      
Vendon   Vendela          
Venice Lagoon   NekoCat   one single Sim to move in      
Veronaville III   OkieMelody and psychedelicsim          
Vice City   Fresh-Prince unpopulated       base game
Whistlestop AKA Le Monde du Gare aka Trainstation World AKA Traintown   Manu at Sims Daily Forum          
Wild Wild West   Auntielynds and TSCC     EA    
Winter Wonderland   Rflong7     EA    
Ziwa Bonde large Nilxis   roadless      

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