First. It is NOT Seasons as in Sims 2 Seasons.

It's still beautiful.

Sims, not just NPCs, will appear wandering around in mini skirts or their normal clothes plus a pair of red gloves. Well, we already know they are not very bright. And of course they also now get coughs and colds and even flu.

Something going on here?

Snowmen, snowballs and snow angels are available, as well as the snowboards at Festival lots.


There is a mod that makes meteor strikes happen more frequently on MTS by siawn. There are also mods to STOP them from happening; Wojtek made an Anti-Meteor Warning System.

Apparently having space rocks on the lot increases chances, as may inventing skill. Aliens can summon meteors at will. Using a telescope outside also increases it. Meteors seem to target your Sim when they spend a great deal of time outdoors, but it seems there's more to it than that. Some of my Sims are farmers and spend almost all their time outdoors.

If you want the explosion EFFECT only: type"ep2meteorshower" into the Fog Emitter from Ambitions. This produces a BIG Boom, but no shadow, no other effects.

Or use NRAAS Debug Enabler. Click on ground. NRAAS, Options, Trigger meteor. (Down at the bottom)