The Tree of Prosperity

This is a premium item that came with the world Lunar Lakes.

The Tree of Prosperity is the exclusive Premium Content that is includes with Lunar Lakes. This tree offers Sims a way to gain new skills and even level up current skills. Sims can also gain any skills from expansion packs as well. (Mixology, Martial Arts etc)

Sims can Admire and Imbue the Tree.
Sims can Imbue the “Fruit of Harvest”, “Fruit of Soul”, “Fruit of Mind” and “Fruit of Body”. See below.

Once the fruit has grown, Sim can pick the fruit and eat it.
If you choose not to Imbue the tree, it will automatically grow a random fruit for you to pick.

This exotic new life-form is made of floating crystals, with a semi-transparent grapefruit-sized glowing fruit that floats at its heart.
The color of the fruit changes several times a day, which reconfigures the crystals into a new shape.
Each color shift of the fruit (and configuration of the tree) represents a new type of fruit.
Once your Sim eats a fruit from this tree, the tree will return to its original state.

Skill Bonuses:

Your Sim can Imbue the Tree of Prosperity to choose its next configuration (except for the Fruit of Abundance). Note that when your Sims Imbue the tree, they will lose energy. If your Sim is not well rested, they cannot Imbue the Tree of Prosperity.

Warning: Some older versions of the Tree appear to be bugged and often appear installed in older user-made versions of worlds. If you have an old version, you may need to reinstall a newer version. Uninstall it (from the Launcher) first.