Game Traits

Sim may find himself in a room, wondering how he got there. May be forgetful (translates into dropped actions).


Simply put no spaces and mind the capitalization.

Calls LTW Features Excludes
Absent-Minded AbsentMinded


  • tend to pause and drop stuff out of queue.
  • occasionally "forget" to go to work
Adventurous Adventurous  
  • This one is mandatory for triggering anything that involves adventures.
  • It will make hir eager to explore tombs
  • will get an extra moodlet boost while he's inside them.
Ambitious Ambitious  
  • permanent +2 work PPH, +?% to all asp awards
  • Gets promotions and raises faster
  • Sim may get anxious to advance if they don't get promoted in a while.
  • Gets more lifetime happiness points from fulfilled wishes.
Angler Angler Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium (Angler Primary Wish)
  • seem to catch better quality fish a bit sooner than sims without it. 
  • BUT any sims given enough time to max out the skill will end up catching plenty of high quality fish anyway.
Artistic Artistic

Star News Anchor (Shared by Charismatic and Artistic)

Master of the Arts (Artistic Primary Wish)

  • Seems to be necessary for the Private Museum LTW to appear. 
  • Improves faster at painting.
  • Learns writing skill faster.
  • Learns guitar faster.
  • Enjoys spending time at art gallery.
  • Associated Interactions:
    • Click Sim to "Go to Gallery".
    • "Enthuse about art" interaction.
Can't Stand Art
Athletic Athletic  
  • seems to be the only trait which affects Athletic Skill gain
Couch Potato
Bookworm BookWorm  
  • a bookcase in the room raises his environment score
  • learns faster from books
  • write novels faster
  • "go to bookstore" interaction when clicking on them
  • "Talk about books" interaction
  • Can read faster.
  • Gets more fun from reading.
  • Writes higher quality novels.
  • Finishes homework faster.
Brave Brave  
  • immune to freaking out at fires,
  • +3 work
Can't Stand Art CantStandArt     Artistic
Charismatic Charismatic
  • Leader of the Free World (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
  • Super Popular (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
  • Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
  • CEO of a Mega-Corporation (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
  • Star News Anchor (Shared by Charismatic and Artistic)
  • Charismatic opens up the "Friendly" social branch. 
  • "Get to Know" traits more quickly, which then helps you tailor your social interactions more specifically to the target.  (Compliment sims that are Snobs, etc.)
  • Builds charisma skill more quickly.
  • Others are most likely to listen to your Sim.
  • Sim will never bore others.
  • Makes friends faster.
  • Childish "Get cuddle time" moodlet for sleeping with a teddy bear in their inventory like a toddler or child does
  • Childish sims also autonomously scare others.
Dislikes Children
Clumsy Clumsy  
  • Trip randomly over absolutely nothing.
  • No moodlets of any sort result.
  • The only result is clipping through nearby walls and objects.
Commitment Issues CommitmentIssues  
  • still enjoys getting married;
  • has to care a bit more about boyfriend but can still make a go of it
Hopeless Romantic
Computer Whiz ComputerWhiz  
  • more fun from playing games,
  • faster logic boost while playing chess on computer,
  • repairs take less time
  • Interactions:
    • Talk about computers (other sims);
    • Chat with someone (computer) - they chat with some random person online, not their usual contacts
Couch Potato CouchPotato  
  • Gain fun from learning skills while watching TV. 
  • Effortless way to fill up the cooking, fishing, gardening skill bars without Sim getting tired. They learn faster from TV.
    • BUT won't learn anything from the TV unless they have at least one skill point to start with. They do it autonomously too, which is helpful.
  • Couch Potato may be one of the most powerful traits out there, since it's pretty easy to get +40 mood from comfort if you're a potato.
  • faints when she sees ghosts, including familiar (family).
  • faints at the sight of a kitchen fire
Daredevil Daredevil  
  • Can you kill a Daredevil by fire? 
    • daredevil might try to put out the fire
    • he might cheering it on instead
    • when the timer expired for "On Fire" moodlet expires, Sim didn't - instead, he got Adrenaline Rush. 
  • love fire and the rush of adrenaline
  • Features:
    • Can get moodlet for "rushing around" (not sure how
    • love to fight fire
    • love to check out the graveyard
Disciplined Disciplined  
  • this trait will help him learn the Martial Arts skill quickly.
  • Martial Arts will be very helpful in the event he runs into mummies, so good for explorers.
  • Also good for Criminals.
Dislikes Children DislikesChildren     Family Oriented, Childish
Diva Sims Diva  
  • Showtime trait.
  • think they are the best in the world and no one is more impressive than them.
  • There is a high chance they will slap other Sims or break up a relationship after an argument.
  • hate the other Divas.
  • Special interactions:
    • Talk about many accomplishments,
    • Request compliment,
    • Complain about something trivial,
    • Accuse of being a diva.
  • When on stage they like to flourish, make a pose and send kisses to crowd.
  • Self interaction:
    • Compliment self
Easily Impressed EasilyImpressed     Snob
Evil Emperor of Evil (Evil primary Wish)
  • +3 work PPH Criminal, +5 to hit.
  • desire to steal candy from babies gives Fiendishly Delighted moodlet
  • Evil sims can donate to undermine charities.  The result is the Fiendishly Delighted (+15) buff. 
  • Sims with Evil trait will autonomously scare others, even with perfect relationship scores.
  • Bonus to criminal career: the bar rises faster.
  • "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet when relatively bad things happen to surrounding sims.
  • Evil babies will become fiendishly delighted upon pissing other sims off with stench, crying, etc! Lasts for six hours.
  • Evil Sims do not win more fights.
  • "Troll on forums".  If they get a response, again, Fiendishly Delighted (+15) buff. REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK ON FORUM! If they fail to get a response, get a 24 hours negamoodlet that is around -15 or so.
  • "Mastermind Plot" social. Seems to bore most Sims.
  • They don't mind the dark, unlike most Sims.
  • Evil sims in the crime field can (and often do) receive the fiendishly delighted moodlet while at work. I'm not sure they actually get a performance increase just because they are Evil, I think they just get free moodlets. Not completely sure, but it doesn't SEEM to be any easier.
  • Slob-evil toddler may receive "fiendishly delighted" moodlet after they got the desire to "soil themselves"
  • "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet for training/teaching other sims
  • When learning the painting skill, they will paint "evil" versions of paintings. These tend to be darker and almost entirely in shades of red when at higher painting skill levels (around 5 or 6).
Excitable Excitable  
  • +20 moodlet for three hours when seeing or experiencing something exciting. Exciting things include lovers and promotions
Family Oriented FamilyOriented  
  • sims' ability to teach toddlers faster is quite helpful
Dislikes Children
Flirty Flirty     Unflirty
Friendly Friendly     Mean Spirited
  • It's true that a good portion of the coupons are for stupid stuff, 75% blowouts come up at times and are useful.
  • Can get coupons for the spa too.
  • Frugal sims love to clip coupons to save money or find them on the Net though that takes ages.
  • relish a good deal,
  • hate to be wasteful
  • idle action 'counting money'
  • When low on cash they can "complain about money" to other sims.
  • Coupons they clip are for random things like "Logic Volume 3: 3.14159265 for 30% off expires in 3 days".
  • They sometimes get upset at random purchases from buy mode
  • When they use their coupons they get a positive
  • moodlet that lasts for 8 hours, called "got a good deal".
  • frugal sims will also turn off lights in empty rooms. They do it by clapping and you will see it in queue.
Genius Genius
  • Get the "Solve the Unsolveable" option on the computer to solve a maths puzzle. 
    • On top of potentially being a itty bitty source of extra income, the text revolving around the problems they solve can be kind of cute/funny, depending on what you get.
  • Ability to do maths on the computer is available, for which rewards range from roughly $100 to being laughed at. Takes quite a while!
  • Helps adventurers solve the puzzles and traps they will encounter on adventures.
  • Enjoys chess, improves quickly at it.
  • "Compliment cleverness" in another Genius Sim.
  • Faster learning is faster for logic.
  • "Deep Conversation" available, does nothing particularly remarkable.
  • Geniuses will autonomously Look Around and sometimes get a +20 moodlet for two hours cos they're FASCINATED with something they saw.
Good Good
  • Donate to charity (mailbox) Good sims get a positive moodlet that lasts 24 hours for donating to charity
  • "Brighten day" interaction, which gives a positive Comforted moodlet to those whose days they brighten.
  • No mean interactions available.
Good Sense of Humour GoodSenseOfHumour  
  • Unless Sim is socializing with someone Grumpy / No sense of humour, all of those funny interactions seem to build up the relationship fast
  • Sense of Humor sims are the only ones that can carry on a whole conversation of Funny actions because they have more than just the usual two options.  And telling jokes very quickly fills up the fun bar.  Very, very useful for friend-making.
No Sense of Humour
Great Kisser GreatKisser  
  • The kisser AND the kissee get an extra moodlet when kissed by them. (Kissing in bed does not count.)
  • Great Kissers always have the option to kiss someone (under Special...) regardless of relationship values or how the other sim sees them at the moment.
Green Thumb GreenThumb  
  • Can resurrect plants including deathflower bush, various gardening benefits.
  • Faster gardening skillup, better harvests.
  • Talking to plants is now an option.
  • Revive plants - well only death flower bushes, and then only one time.
  • May enthuse others about gardening and brag about prowess with hoes.
Grumpy Grumpy
  • Appears to give a permanent -15 or 20 (not sure) invisible moodlet.
Handy Handy      
Hates the Outdoors HatesOutdoors  
  • Much more visible than Loves the Outdoors, since they constantly get the "go indoors" Want, and occasionally the "hide in house for 2 days" want.
Loves the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper HeavySleeper  
  • Heavy Sleepers can nap to about half of energy.
Light Sleeper
Hopeless Romantic HopelessRomantic  
  • Opens up the "Romantic" social branch. Things like Confess Attraction, not available through normal Romantic.
  • will also autonomously flirt and interact romantically, sometimes with total strangers
  • May be better at writing Romance novels.
  • Even when married and with children a Hopeless Romantic will flirt in front of spouse with all and sundry. And this is actually a bug. One that AwesomeMod stomps
Commitment Issues
Hot-Headed HotHeaded  
  • get really mad really easily.
  • The needs for hunger and sleep really put them in a rotten mood when they get too low
  • They can go from being in the best mood to the absolute worst instantaneously.
  • Associated Interactions: Arguing, irritating.
  • Bathes with clothes on.
Inappropriate Inappropriate
  • Spongebath interactions for the sinks. 
    • Awesomely handy if applied right, they shoo other Sims out of the room. 
    • However, they don't seem to get embarrassed. 
    • Handy, particularly when getting ready for work/school in crowded households. 
  • They also appear to have early access to some rude socials, and will use them autonomously. 
  • Shirk dress codes for parties
  • Enjoy making fun of people and get many "late relationship only" options under "Special\Inappropriate...".
  • Many more options for insulting people than mean and evil sims.
  • Alternative version of trolling forums, works the same as discussed under "Evil".
Insane Insane
  • Talk to self action gives Fun, does not need any external objects or Sims
    •  also gives Social.
  • 4 friendly Insane social options with other sims, all generally well received:
    • Catch Anything? 
    • Tell Ghost Story 
    • Talk About Conspiracy Theories
    • Speak Madness
  • can also Argue right off the bat.
  • randomly Eating produce in her inventory, even when already Stuffed, particularly fruit - watch those Life Fruit and Death Flowers (AwesomeMod can also enable this).
  • will perform available actions at random regardless of their motive values
  • rummage through trashcans
  • Fish in swimming pools.
  • RANDOM social options, pretty much all the special ones save for a few.
  • Insane sims will queue up strange actions if you leave them alone, like "put away" with an icon of a space ship, or a beach ball, or some other random thing that isn't there. They will get a little upset when they can't do it.
Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac
  • The kleptomaniac swipe distance is tuned to "6". A valid stealable object within a radius of 6 from your sim's current position will be sadorandomly chosen for theft. To avoid stealing the wrong thing, eliminate incorrect choices. - Pescado
Light Sleeper LightSleeper
  • Light Sleepers will not nap.
Heavy Sleeper
Loves the Outdoors LovesTheOutdoors  
  • autonomously tune into the fishing and gardening channels, making for easy skill gain once they've learned it.
  • gives a better mood while doing or studying gardening,  or while fishing.
  • Gets a positive moodlet when outdoors.
  • Associated Interactions: "Enthuse about outdoors" interaction while outside.
Hates the Outdoors
Loner Loner  
  • The "too many people" moodlet often turns work from a neutral mood to a negative one.
    • -25 or so moodlet when around 3 other sims. Doesn't always trigger at work, at least in the Science career. A 'crowd' is apparently 3 other sims or more.
  • Needs less social interaction.
    • +15 moodlet with condiational duration when alone (infinite unless somebody comes and mucks it up).
      Every now and again, wishes will crop up to be in a certain room for a certain number of hours. In my experience, it does not have to be the bedroom, as my first loner sim had the wish, stayed in the graveyard for 3 hours, and got it granted.
  • Features:
    • Slower social decay,
    • Gets a positive moodlet when alone,
    • Gets a negative moodlet when in crowded places, which includes school and possibly work.
Party Animal
Loser Loser  
  • May get bad events more likely at work
  • Gain a larger moodlet from victory or prevailing over others
  • gain more difficult opportunities at your level for lesser gains
  • Can't be murdered by freak accidents, death will pity and revive Sim
  • more likely to fail in certain things than others. Although natural talent can migitate the situation, Murphy's law will be taken into account
Lucky Lucky  
  • Mostly it prevents failures like
    • item breakage,
    • getting shocked,
    • getting robbed, by making those things impossible.
  • More likely to get good results from career events.
  • Less likely to burn food.
  • More likely to get raises.
  • Occasionally the Sim gets a "Feeling Lucky" moodlet that lasts throughout the day, with a decent mood boost.
Mean MeanSpirited  
  • +10 moodlet when enemies are near, as opposed to the usual -10 moodlet.
  • Slightly better at fighting
    • +5 to hit (doesn't stack with Evil) No muscles + Mean + Evil better than some muscles.
  • Enjoy being mean to people, wishes will routinely crop up to be mean, will autonomously be mean to just about anyone, even friends
  • Comes with a tally of how many enemies the sim has.
  • An ambitious, mean, evil sim had a want, on his first day of work, to see the ghost of his boss. I am not sure what factored into that, and they did not have any lower than normal relationship with each other.
Mooch Mooch
  • Can blag Simoleans from other Sims.
Natural Born Performer NaturalBornPerformer  
  • Showtime.
  • act with flair and are better singers, acrobats and magicians.
  • They are comfortable on stage and happy when they are in front of an audience, which they naturally attract.
Natural Cook NaturalCook
  • +1 food quality, with the "Kick It Up A Notch" interaction. 
    • Usually you must do this manually when they cook, but they sadorandomly decide to do it on their own now and then. 
    • They can give +1 food quality to foods other Sims cook with this action as well.
    • can save you a bit of money when keeping your sims happy with food related moodlets with the "kick it up a notch" interaction they get with meals. 
    • It makes it very easy to get "perfect" meals out of less than perfect ingredients.
  • can also learn recipes without buying them through socialization with other sims, and through eating the meal.
  • Learns cooking skill faster.
  • Makes higher quality food.
  • Never causes a fire when cooking
    • ie won't set fire to the kitchen,
    • CAN still burn food.
  • "Trade Recipes" interaction.
  • Food always ends up being remarkably better than that made by plebeian unnatural cooks, with much less effort.
  • May do the following socials about cooking:
    • enthuse,
    • brag about prowess.
Neat Neat
  • Mostly shows up in wishes, the "extra clean" action isn't very visible
  • Always clean up after self.
  • Extra sad when environs become dirty, I think it's around 20% more enturbulation.
  • Cleaning up is always an option, even if they are urine-soaked and dead tired.
  • "Clean house" floorclick option.
  • Many, many wishes cropping up to clean things.
  • Goes well with neurotic, as that also brings up wishes to clean stuff.
Neurotic Neurotic
  • Occasionally gets a negative "Feeling anxious about the stove/faucet" moodlet that can be cured by checking the appropriate appliance, which produces a +20 "Calm" moodlet for 3 hours. Sometimes gets a -20 (?) "worried about _____" moodlet for 6 hours, which can be corrected by checking the ______.
  • Sometimes spins OCD wishes to wash hands or brush teeth 2-3 times in a row.
  • "Freak Out" -> go "nyyerrrraaaagh" and get a +15 "Tranquil" moodlet for 8 hours. This blocks all fun drain for the next 8 hours and can be recast at will, so you can cast it, then Work Hard for the shift with no penalty at all!
  • Complain about things to anybody and get a +10 moodlet for 2 hours
  • Lots of wants to clean things, make beds, etc.
Never Naked NeverNude  
  • Since they change into whatever swimwear category you have selected, you can retain things like tattoos, bits, and custom body shapes when bathing
No Sense of Humor NoSenseOfHumour  
  • good trait to have on a sim, as their fun drains very slowly.
    • With a full fun bar, NSoH sims will keep the "Having a Blast" Moodlet for 14 or 15 hours; twice as long as other sims.
Good Sense of Humour
Over Emotional OverEmotional  
  • Additional 25% effect to all moodlets, positive and negative. Useful!
Party Animal PartyAnimal     Loner
Perfectionist Perfectionist
  • Features:
    • Does most things better than other Sims, but takes longer to do them.
    • Paint higher quality paintings, which sell for more.
    • Prepare better quality food.
    • Write better novels.
    • Associated Interactions: "Point out flaws" interaction.
Schmoozer Schmoozer

Leader of the Free World (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)

Super Popular (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)
CEO of a Mega-Corporation (Shared by Schmoozer and Charismatic)

  • interactions available to them early on and they become friends faster with their co-workers and boss faster.
Slob Slob
Snob Snob
  • They can get a "dirty" reaction to cheap furniture
Easily Impressed
Social butterflies SocialButterfly  
  • Showtime trait
  • love to interact with others and receive a positive moodlet called “It’s all about me” when they are the center of attention
    • often when they are performing
  • They get depressed when people don’t care about them, getting “It’s like I’m invisible” moodlet.
  • You can see them joining any group conversation… they always have something to tell!
Star Quality XFactor      
Technophobe AntiTV      
Unflirty Unflirty
Unlucky Unlucky
  • If you have the unlucky trait, you can cheat death.
    • Live only to die again to amuse the Grim Reaper.
  • Features (Benefits and drawbacks):
    • More likely to be robbed,
    • break things,
    • start fires,
    • Have bad things happen in general.
  • Grim reaper takes great pleasure in watching misfortune fall upon your sim, and when they kill themselves trying to repair the electronic devices they break, he will probably let them stay alive
Vegetarian Vegetarian
  • Has some veggie versions of dishes.
  • Gets a negative "Feeling nauseous" moodlet from eating non-veggie foods, ie meat or fish prepared by self or others.
    • "Links" and "patties" are magical ingredients which can be meat or not-meat based on who cooks them.
  • Can enthuse about vegetarianism with other sims.
  • Other sims can also applaud a Vegetarian's vegetarianism.
  • Pizza and restaurant food ordered by a Vegetarian are safe.
  • Can cook ambrosia.
Virtuoso Virtuoso
  • Learns guitar faster.
  • Gets more tips and cash for performing.
  • "Enthuse about music" interaction.
Workaholic Workaholic  
  • has a SIGNIFICANT effect because your sim can grind performance to make sure he gets the promotion.
  • Workaholic is a useful trait if your goal is just to advance the sim to a desired career level.
  • The sim can work at home and gain enough performance level to ensure promotion without meeting any skill or career (reports, research, etc.) requirements.
  • Does not grant any direct bonus to performance, but allows you to boost performance out of work and reduces fun drain from working hard.

Acquirable and Hidden Traits

The Aura of Evil - acquired on reaching Emperor of Evil status (top of the Criminal track)  
  • has the following effects, in order, only one effect applies, in order:
  • Sims with <= 10 relationship and the "Coward", "Neurotic", "Loser", or "OverEmotional" trait will run away. No relationship change.
  • Sims in Law Enforcement, or with the Good, Friendly, or Fambly-Oriented traits will boo and lose 3 relationship if they know each other.
  • Sims in Criminal, or with the Evil, Mean, or Insane traits will cheer and gain 5 relationship if they know each other.
  • First rule applies, so a Cowardly Criminal who doesn't know the Emperor well will run away and not gain any rel, a Neurotic cop unknown will also run away, etc. The Emperor of Evil basically will be disliked by any "nice" sims.


Immune to Fire ImmuneToFire
  • Sim never does anything special because it is Immune to Fire, being Immune to Fire just makes it immune to fire.
  • It will not roll wants or otherwise experience any personality changes from immunity to fire.
Makes No Messes MakesNoMesses  
Pizza Appreciator PizzaAppreciator
Burglar Burglar  
Can Apprehend Burglar CanApprehendBurglar
  • It appears the ability to autonomously fight burglars (CanApprehendBurglar (Hidden)) can also be passed down to kids. I have several sims that don't have the brave trait, but yet they autonomously line up to fight a burglar. Their mother/grandmother was brave (and also in the Law Enforcement career).
  • The passing down of the hidden traits seems to go on for a possibly unlimited number of generations - at least 6 generations.
Can Salute CanSalute  
Rocker Rocker  
Asian Culture    
French Culture    
Egyptian Culture    

Awesomemod Traits

These traits were added to the game by Pescado.


  • Added because of functionality of AM
  • Incomplete: no functionality
  • Narcoleptics will fall asleep randomly
  • Obvious really...


  • as in TL;DR. It has a leaping deer and a wall of text for a description.
  • magic power is to bore people to sleep, sort of like 'No sense of humor' does, only supercharged.
  • I think it makes a sim so damned boring that she'll cause people to fall asleep when talking to her
  • makes any books that they write super damned long.
  • Tealdears have the "tealdear" command under the "Special" and "Friendly" tabs
Tealdeer Immune
Registered Sex Offender
  • These go with Pescado's option to "explore" possibilities around adult\teen romance
  • Incomplete: no functionality
  • Incomplete: no functionality


  • Incomplete: no functionality
  • Incomplete: no functionality
  • Incomplete: no functionality

Deprecated, not included in the game

  • The deprecated version that was cut before the game was released caused Stupid sims to gain skills in logic, hacking, writing, and handiness at only 30% the speed that normal sims do.
  • This was reintroduced to the game with AwesomeMod. In cases where a Sim is created with ONLY the Stupid trait and will not accept any more, Pescado says "AwesomeMod loads its own traits from a seperate traitfile, which is why AwesomeMod's traits can load even if you have corrupted your regular file. This issue is caused by someone else's old, crappy mod, though. So get rid of all your other crap."

Using Traits with AwesomeMod


Shift-click on active sim- Modify Traits of the sim
Shift-click on sim- Trigger Age Transition of sim
shift-click on non-family sim - Add to active Family

addtrait Pedophile Makes an adult sim receptive to advances from a 12.
addtrait Pedobait Makes a 12 receptive to advances from an adult
addtrait <trait name> adds a trait to a sim.  It is case sensitive. To add the "Natural Cook" trait you need to type in addtrait NaturalCook
droptrait <trait name> removes a trait from a sim.  It is case sensitive.

Use capital letters, like this: addtrait Pedobait

or, if you want to remove a trait: droptrait Pedobait

Adult-to-teen romantic interactions can be turned on by Awesomemod, but the adult will get the trait Pedophile and the teen Pedobait if you make them interact in such a fashion, and I think after that both sims will do such things autonomously. (You may need one of the Autonomous Romance type mods to get them to do so.) Registered Sex Offender is applied to the adult if they are caught and arrested.