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Medical and Hospital


Sims 3 Downloads - Medical and Hospital

Aromatherapy or Massage Set
  • Bottles 2 styles
  • Cases
  • Boxes for storage (actually misc surfaces with lots of slots)
  • Thai herbal compress
  • herbal tea kit
  PitheInfinite   09 02 18
  • pet beds
  • wall decor
  • aquarium
  • shelving
  TheNumbersWoman TSR 020117
Science lab furnishings
  • tables,
  • wardrobe,
  • shelf and lamp,
  • binocular microscope,
  • a set of flasks and retorts,
  • spirit lamp,
  • test tubes,
  • beakers,
  • towels.
  • Functional alcohol stove,
  • shelf above the desk with a functional lamp.
  • test tubes
  • flasks
All in Hobbies & Skills   Sims3ru 21 10 16
Anatomical Structure of Man painting     My little workshop! for sims3 Rivaena 16/10/16
Bruised skin   Bruises on face, ribs, thighs, legs http://itsoceansecret.tumblr.com/tagged/mycc   30 08 16
Amputee Sliders and Accessories

Sliders are placed in mouth category of CAS.
Left leg prostheses are "rings" and right legs - "bracelets";
right forearm hook prostesis is "necklace" and left - "earrings".
The sleeves for each type of leg prosthesis are "Garters", left and right, accordingly.

Minimum age is "child", both genders.
Children have only leg prostheses.

  by Vedamir at Mod the Sims 2 29 05 15

Chemistry analyzer

Chemical Laboratory

Chill Box

Contaminant Barrel

Medical Diploma

Room Divider


End Table

Examination Bed

Eye Chart (Simlish)

Hand Sanitzer

Saline Drip

Medical Stool

Surgical Light

Surgery Table

Towel Dispenser

Medical Treadmill

Wall Light

Wall X-Ray

X-Ray Machine

Medical Instruments

Computer\Cash Register

Invisible Arcade Game

Hospital Set - 4 to 3

derived from Sims 3 "Get to Work" hospital objects.

  • The Chemistry Analyzer is cloned from the Alchemy Station. When Sims create a potion, they seem to be throwing ingredients on the floor, and they "air-stir" the potion...
  • Sims can't walk to the Chill Box to open it, but they can still put stuff in it.
  • Exam bed mesh lowered to use as recliner.
  • Surgical surgical table raised to use as bed.
  • Sims can only train another Sim on the Medical Treadmill on the side where there's no computer.
  • X-Ray machine is cloned from an outdoor shower, so Sims use it wearing their swimming-suit and accept somebody else in the room.
  • The x-ray works as a television
  • The medical instruments are really ugly.
  • (Sandy) I've added few extra objects of mine that can work well with that set:
    • A computer that works like a potion cash register
    • invisible pinball and arcade game, so you can keep your surgeons busy by placing these near a surgery table, or X-ray machine
    • floor lines, that you can use with my hospital corridor sign, to customize corridors.
Around the Sims 050515

Exterior Hospital Sign

Front Desk with Sign

Wall Lighted Signs

Floor Lines

Hospital Set - Addons     Around the Sims 050515
Scars\Damage Nose bleeds, also tears and runny mascara   AlfredAskew Garden of Shadows 24 07 14
Scars Realistic scars, recolourable come as blushes Shep Mod the Sims 2 26 09 15
Poses Wheelchair POSES actually come with a wheelchair too Spladoum Mod the Sims 2 16 03 15
  Wheelchair     The Sims Resource 13 06 14
  Children's Wheelchair with pushchair function? or so it appears   The Sims Resource 13 06 14
  Walking Frame     The Sims Resource 13 06 14
  Stair Elevator functions as dining chair/barstool, rail to run up the stairs   The Sims Resource 13 06 14
  Crossed Eye Slider     Bloomsbase 10 02 14
  Lazy Eye Slider     Bloomsbase 10 02 14
  Crutches     sims3flclub 10 02 14
  Amputee Sliders (all ages)     oneeuromutt 10 02 14
  Face Wounds and dirt: Truly Dirty/Bloody facemasks for both genders- 5 styles! Costume makeup, masks   Arisuka at Mod the Sims 2 21 01 14
  Disabled access: wheelchair, stairlift, ramp, walking frame, kid's wheelchair (acts as a stroller), disabled parking space     BuffSumm at TSR 17 11 13
  Hospital Set: X-ray pics, lamps, trolley, screen, and bloody versions, bloody dress and blood on legs accessory mostly decor?   Jennisims 17 11 13
  Leg Brace Accessory   Psycho 17 11 13
  Black Eye Make-Up   The Sims Resource by SethTheory 17 10 13
    Dissected female corpse with cloth over head.   Ladesire 18 10 13
    Anatomical drawing pictures   Ladesire 18 10 13
    Bottles of potions   Ladesire 18 10 13
  Bandages Accessories   Sims3sru 21 10 16
  Hand bandages Accessories   Sims3sru 21 10 16
  Knee Wounds Accessories All ages, find in socks Sims3sru 21 10 16
  Grubby eye bandage Accessories   Rosesims page 13 of Accessories 17 09 13
  Scars Make Up   The Wilds 17 09 13
  Hospital Furnished and Decorated Lot Needs rabbit hole rug JameesSims3 17 09 13
  Wheelchair     Skeletal Screams 17 09 13

Anesthesia Machine
Bed Head Unit
Examinations Chair
Examination Couch
Eye Exam Chart
Hospital Baby Cot
Hospital Bed
Hospita Bedside Table
Hospital Curtains
Hospital Stretcher
Mattress H Baby Cot
Monito Roll Stand
Surgical Lamp
Surgical Table
Surgical Tray
Vital Sign Monitor
X Ray View Box
Adhesive Tape
Blood Samples
Drip With Stand I
Drip With Stand II
Gauze Roller Bandage
Gauze Squares

Hospital Set - loads of decor and clutter for medical along with functional beds, cribs, stretcher, exam couch. Mattress for baby bed needs to be placed with MOO   Mod the Sims 2 by Hekate999 17 09 13