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Bugs - Simport

The method by which Sims in the Showbiz professions introduced with Showtime EP are supposed to be able to go and perform in another Simmer's world/game.

Even in a fully patched game, it appears to be buggy.

I accepted a request for a Simport from a friend...
This notice came up on the town saying "Your friend's visiting Sim will perform here on Mon. at 8:30 pm." There was also a warning, as soon as I accepted it, to say that the Sim might be late.

This appeared on Saturday, so I played and played on... Once you have accepted a Simport invitation, the game does not let you save, or if you do, it cancels the Simport invitation. On Monday, I took my Sims to the Big Performance Park, in good time. They chatted with the proprietor and finally left, after NO sign of any show, at after midnight.

OK, thinks I, maybe it's NEXT Monday! It didn't give a date...
So I played on. I never play for more than a Sim day without saving, something I've learned the hard way. Thanks EA! I played on and on and on... no performances at all were happening at the big park. The proprietor looked completely bored but never had time to chat on the phone because, as she said, she was busy at work.

Eventually the next Monday came. Nothing. Nada. Zip. By Tuesday afternoon Simtime, my game had crashed.

Not impressed.


February 10, 2017