Island Paradise gives us BOATS!

See also SimsVIP's IP Guide (PDF)

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Scuba Diving

Take a class at the Science Lab or Snorkel and after Sim reaches a certain skill s/he will be able to choose Snorkel.

Once they have Snorkeled for long enough they will be able to Dive.

Traits added with IP

New Career


[Sims by Cloudwalker]

New LifeTime Wants


• The easiest way to get into resort management is to “buy” Hobart’s Hideaway. This once, beautiful resort has fallen into disrepair and needs a lot of work, but it is a great way to kick start your resort empire without too much financial commitment!
Due to the state of the resort, it’s going for the low, low price of §0.00! It will get you into resort management much quicker than building one from scratch.

• Keeping guests at your resort happy is a tricky thing to do! Amenities and fun objects found in the Resort Objects Tab in Build & Buy Modes are key to making sure your resort guests have a great time. Happy guests can mean a successful resort!

Ultimate Reward for the Lifeguard Career

When a Lifeguard has rescued 35 drowning Sims - only rescues from the water count - s/he is awarded the Cay to the City island.

Ultimate Reward for the Resort

Completing the Resort Mogul Lifetime Wish gives

"Congratulations on the Five-Star Resort! An investor was so impressed with your business acumen, that he gave your Sim the deeds to this private island. Maybe another 5-star resort is in your future!"

Pretty nice bonus on top of the LTH Points! It is a 60x60 lot.



• Scuba diving Sims may encounter a mysterious mermaid from time to time beneath the waves. Becoming friends with one is key to revealing the secret behind transforming your Sim into one of them!

Water Sports

How to make a "hidden island" in other worlds than Isla Paradiso