FPS Limiting

When I tested FPS in my computer, newly re-installed game, up to Into The Future, and Windows 7, the cheat fps on gives me between 90 and 160 FPS... That is scarey. I have a good graphics card and I want it to survive. I do not want it to burn out.

SO I need to use a limiter.

It a[ppears that TS3 is coded so that it will just keep pushing the framerate as high as it can until your video card dies. There is no v-sync option either. Use the FPS limiter from MATY, or EVGA or NVidia tools, whatever you prefer. Pescado discovered that despite the game pushing out in excess of 150fps, it only actually draws 30fps, so there is no point letting it go that high.

You can use the 3booter + fps limiter to keep it at 30fps.


If your card is an nvidia card ... use evga precision. The FPS limiter program from MATY has been known to ruin directx 11 enabled cards.
EVGA precision is amazing and even helps control fans and internal heat of your machine.


If your card is not NVidia, read on!

Screen Refresh Rate

If you play in fullscreen mode, open the options menu in game, and in the Graphics tab go to the "Screen Refresh Rate" pull down menu. Set it to 60 and you're good to go.

The screen refresh rate is a totally different thing than FPS which is frames per second. This link explains it in depth.

On top of that, The Sims 3 does NOT have an in game vsync option.

See http://www.hardmodegaming.com/optimizing-game-performance/

LilyMayRose made an excellent explanation of how to install the files you need here. (No registration needed to read this, or to download the files you need from MATY). It works for me :)