Bugs - Bookshelf Bug

This is the hidden sliding door bookshelf that came with Supernatural. It is identical in appearance to a similar functional bookshelf. It SHOULD make the room hidden behind it dark until the door is opened.

Sliding bookcase doors cease to function if the home they are placed in is saved in the houses library, in Edit Town mode. A house with sliding bookcase doors saved in the houses library will be bugged once placed, and the bookcase doors will not open when interacted with.

Any Sim attempting to open the bookcase door in the copied house will be unable to open the bookcase, (displaying a chat bubble with crossed-out footsteps).

Only the household members can use the bookcase doors. Butlers, maids etc are NPCs and not included in the "household".

There is a nice version of this as CC on Mod the Sims 2 by Lunararc. It's a deco set of shelves which has many slots. To check.

The OTHER secret door

The 'secret door' which came with WA when placed shows up as transparent in buy/build mode.

No Books in the Bookshop

Is not really a bug but a mod conflict. Check whether you have any book or skilling mods (apart from AM) installed. Try uninstalling them, then clear chaches as usual. Hopefully this will fix.


February 10, 2017