Bugs - Bars

Another bug: a glitch that started with the IP patch, affecting all professional bars placed before that patch.

Assign the lot to Dive Bar and make sure there is a Mixologist assigned to it.

The fix: go into Edit Town mode, then into Buy mode for any lots that have bars that are causing you problems: Sell the bar object and replace it.

The bar must be "professional" quality (i.e. including "professional" in the name of the bar and requiring 6 squares, 2x3). By placing a professional bar on one of those lots, the mixologist should appear on the lot.

With the bug, Mixologists will not go to the bar and serve. They might be completely absent or they might be happily playing darts, dancing, chatting with customers.

Caveat: make sure your mixologist actually studies mixology. Sims have to be level 2 to be a bartender but higher level for different bars.

They can learn up to level 2 on a home bar.

Special Drinks

Starting at level 2, Sims can work in bars, but which one depends on their skill level.
Each bar has its own named drinks, ordering these drinks has a chance of teaching the Mixologist the recipe. Unknown if certain level of Mixology is required for certain drinks.

Mood Drinks

Most of these also give a Buzz Crashed moodlet (-10) for 4 hours upon expiration of the positive moodlet.

Mood Drinks take a couple of practice runs before you can make them for real.

It's a bad one when the glass has clear liquid in it and the green, rotten cloud above it.

The correct drink is usually in an interesting glass and a vibrant color.

According to the in-game tips unless Mixologist practices making these at home they won't be able to successfully serve them at bars which will upset customers.

There is a "better mixologist" reward worth 15,000 points it says with it you make higher quality drinks.


February 10, 2017