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The Agnes Challenge


Semi-challenge from Neighbourhood 99

"The goal of this semi- challenge is to have Agnes marry and produce a minimum of three generations.

She must be moved into a home costing less than $20,000 and then Familyfunds cheat must be used to leave her with the balance of the $20,000 after purchasing the starter home. The game must be played on normal life span. No money cheats are allowed although you may sell your collected items, found items, gardening produce, paintings, books, inventions, etc. You may give Agnes whatever career or profession you want. She can be moved to whatever town you prefer.  Her traits cannot be changed. It it not required that she reach her Lifetime wish."

I did not complete the Challenge; but she had a very interesting life.

Without more ado, here are the tales.

A Visit

Giovanni and Agnes

After which the Challenge proper begins.

Agnes and Eric

Agnes in Sunset Valley

Cor and Don Renzella

August 14, 2012 13:40