Antique Victorian Tile Walls

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These are genuine antique Victorian tile designs.

These were made with ALL EPs and Stuff Packs to Mansions and Gardens installed and may need you to have the same for them to work.

Little blue flowers on a Cornish cream background, set into glossy lime green and lemon tile surrounds.

Download the set.

These tiles match the plain EAxis green and lemon tiles.

pinkrosesvictantiquetile.png (184364 bytes)

Pink roses on a dark background, and the identical tiles also for the floor. Perfectly kitsch.


pinkrosesvictantiquefloor.png (89338 bytes)


Download the set

kitschtiledarkwood.png (144749 bytes)

Set against typically dark Victorian woodwork, this design would have been be considered suitable for a sombre nursery or kitchen.

greenantiquedarkwood.png (233387 bytes) Another gorgeous Victorian tile design offset by a dark wood wall finish.


Download the set.

greenflowerfloor.png (46969 bytes)darkgreenflowerfloor.png (46974 bytes)

Floor tiles with surrounds in two shades of green.

March 26, 2014