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A New Look for the Wan Household

"We look - boring. Maybe that's why we can't get those farmers to propose to us."

The girls chose clothes to suit their personalities, changed hair and make-up to something a little more modern. Not TOO modern, the only single men in the neighbourhood were farmers!

"What part of the world do you come from?"

"Riverblossom Hills, the south part of town..."

"I ADORE gaming. Would you like to join our guild?"

"Yeah! I'm setting up an online business selling chain mail, do you think I'm a good advertisement?"

Patricia proposed to Gabe O'Mackey, her long-term, on-off boyfriend. Much to the surprise of their other visitors.

His daughter didn't look very happy about it - or maybe she was just trying to catch her breath after that almighty group hug... but Gabe reassured her that she would be setting off for Uni soon.

To be continued.