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Konigsberg 2

Kaylynn, abandoned by her husband Nery, wants to drink him...

To achieve this, she would have to move in with a Natural Scientist type. Or... (Kaylynn has contacts!)

She bought the plant on the black market.

Now she had to invite Nery over, at a time when her son Kay was out.

Sure enough, he turned up.

Bored with his new girlfriend, the now pregnant Alice, he came for a visit, and to spend some time with his daughter. In theory. In practice she was at a friend's house.

"While we're waiting, could you please water the garden?" asked Kaylynn sweetly.

The plant did indeed consume him; and later she drank him. Now rejuvenated, she felt she had done the world a favour!

"What, me, Officer? I have no idea what he might have got up to. I was at work at the time, and my daughter was at school. Maybe you should ask his second wife."

She continued to grow her garden, and as Kay grew up he started to want to go to College.

Aida Maldavi bought the redecorated house in Winner Street from Joe and Inez, who had moved to a larger house on top of the hill, as Inez appeared to be pregnant.

Kaylynn kept working on her garden.